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  1. http://www.uzkon.com.tr/Uzkon_Product/details.php?id=52 Have you guys seen this one, looks 3Gun ready?
  2. This model just appeared on a big German gun site: http://www.egun.de/market/item.php?id=5776054 45 cm barrel ~ 18 "
  3. I would like to make my trigger smoother, can someone help me with a DIY guide? regards from Denmark
  4. Just got this mail: Dear valued Customers, We are very happy to inform you that the new "MKA 1919 Match" will be displayed the first time at our booth. The shotgun is tested around 6000 rounds using 90% high brass magnum loads in the USA. The following upgrates are made on the shotgun. · Redesigned steel floating feed ramp. The bolt and bolt carrier can be taken out from its housing easily for cleaning without disassemble the upper and lower receivers from each other. Easy take down system. Please see it through https://www.dropbox.com/s/jalaxf1ncm22l4j/AN%C4%B0MASYON%20SON.
  5. Hi guys. We are 4 guys from Denmark, who just got new MKA XN shotguns. They don't sell them in Denmark, we bought them in Germany. 3 of them came with this type of driveblock/carrier: Is this a new type?
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