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  1. Hiyas, looking to buy the factory 10rd mags for a Saiga in 5.45x39 for use here in California. Please help if you can. :-) Thanks much and Cheers! ~Okami
  2. Hey Jack, i'll take this box 4: Heavy ball in box. Yugo M30 brass case 960 rounds - $165 Please pm me your payment details. Thanks
  3. If it works for you and you're getting solid hits go for it. Performance is what matters and if you like it. Imho every fighting gun meant for serious use should have the ability to run a light.
  4. I'm in California so i could get some rebuild kits and make 10/30s' but i'd rather just have stock 10rd mags.
  5. You could sell it to a Ban-Stater. I'd love to take it off your hands.
  6. Bump back to the top. Still needed so please pm me with any you would like to part with! Thanks!
  7. Agreed, i know someone converted one and has a spare!
  8. Please shoot off a pm to me with your asking price. 10 rd factory synthetic saiga mags are what's needed. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for supporting California gun owners as well!
  10. Get ahold of these guys http://www.brightspotpawn.com/ Talk to Chris there. They're in the riverside area and are good people. $60 for a long gun transfer incl DROS. I believe DDs' Ranch will hook you up with a rifle.
  11. Payment sent! Thanks! ~Okami Gotcha. It's yours Paypal, or money order?
  12. #1.) Black Bulgarian AK-74 late style spear point bayonet/scabbard with circle 10 markings. matching numbers $25.00 shipped I'll take it!
  13. Auburn or kent? Man i miss WA State! Thanks Welcome to the club! I'm on the other side of the hills too, about 30 mi SE of Seattle. Saiga kind of gets in your bones, there may be a shotgun in your life shortly. Keep shootin n grinnin
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