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  1. A lot of good choices here. Mine: Pistol- FN9c Rifle- Always going to be my Marlin 30-30. Saiga 223 is a close second. Shotgun-Saiga 12 is my favorite of the many in the safe.
  2. 1911 is my favorite but my Hi Point is the one that gets used all the time. It is my Boat gun, ATV gun, truck gun and frog gun. Best $200 I have spent in a long time.
  3. A balmy 19 here in eastern NC this morning. That is very cold for our area. It is rare to see the temps stay below 32 for more than 24 hours. Looks like that will happen today.
  4. Welcome from another newbie. I have been wanting to own one of these for years and recently purchased one a couple of weeks ago. It had a few bolt on mods done and is at a local gunsmith now get a conversion done. Keep us posted on your progress.
  5. I totally agree with both of you. I was so glad that Hollywood did not pervert the story as they do so many times. Great job! This country need more men just like Chris Kyle.
  6. Thanks for the input! It seems to me that I really have no use for a 24 inch but if I was missing something I was hoping someone may point that out before I cut it. Kind of hard to put it back Shannon, I am about 2 hours east of you in Martin County but travel to Fuquay and the rest of Wake county on a regular basis. I get it to you to get some of this done correctly. I'll PM you when I am headed your way.
  7. New here to the forum and recently purchased a S12 with a 24" Barrel. I am sure I will not be using this as a hunting gun. I have plenty of those. I bought this for home defense as well as a big boy toy. I want to shorten the barrel but am a little hesitant to do so because once I cut it there is not putting it back. I know a lot of you have the 19" barrel and I am wondering do you ever wish you had a longer one? I am planning to cut it down soon unless there is a really good reason not too. Thanks in advance for for feedback.
  8. 1994 Chevy Camaro had 317,000 on it when I sold it. 2001 Camaro had 270,000 on it. My current is a 2002 Dodge Durango with 220,000. I do drive a lot of miles.
  9. Thanks for the welcome guys! If it works out where any of you guys end up here we really should hang out. At least waste a few bullets together.
  10. Not sure on the Wilmington area. I would think so as that area has really grown. I am about 3 hours north of there.
  11. New member from Eastern N.C. here. I have been lurking for some time as I have owned a Saiga 223 for several years but recently purchased a Saiga 12 to go with it. They make a good pair. I have been wanting to get a 12 for a while but it seemed to be more of a gun I wanted rather than needed. LOL. It is a slightly used 24 inch barrel with a few mods. Pistol grip stock, quad rail and red dot. I am sure I will have many questions as I start making this great gun fit me and I look forward to drawing from the knowledge you guys have. I just wanted to make an introduction.
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