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  1. I could not stop wandering about all of this, so I called Izhmash directly today. All Saiga 7.62 x 39 models could have a stepped chamber. Apparently, they use whatever is in stock at the moment of assembly. Models that are meant for export are not checked for this gun control measure. Well, that confirms the suspicions. I asked if it was possible to order a model that would accept standard AK magazines, but the answer was no. On the other hand, it is possible to get a non-stepped one. The lady could not tell on the phone if that would mean any extra costs, though. It’s also not
  2. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and really glad I found it. I wanted to buy an Izhmash AK for a while now and first decided to do some scouting on the net before putting time, effort and money into ordering one from Izhmash. Actually, never heard about this "feature" untill just now. Got a bit worried at first but, after reading this it seems like not such a big deal. So far it also seems that some people randomly get a stepped chamber even today. I suppose the older the production date, the lesser the chance to get one. So my question to all you knowledgably people: Do all 7
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