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  1. I had one made by http://www.alumaliteusa.com/ some time back. I love it! No weight issues. You hardly know that it's there, and it looks bad ass. Fits the same on the S12.Damn, I hate you! lol. That is the exact break I wanted. Unfortunately I waited like 3 months for Alumilite to get there crap together but they would NOT return calls, emails, comments, nothing. Worst customer service I have experienced next to Alliance Armament. Nice break!
  2. "Someone actually bought an AA quad" No he was being a straight up dick! Sorry bud you can give positive encouragement without bashing people. It's very simple. If someone wants to offer help I'm all for it. However, If someone is being a dick I'm going to call them on it sorry. Other than that I'm over it. It's water under the bridge. Back on topic... I totally agree with your comment about people adding stuff to a new gun. You are right and that exactly what I did lol. Hell I didn't know any better. I do like stuff that is different though. Everyone seems to have the same three
  3. No I consider the M113 a rolling can of whoop ass, not an atv. I was referring to having the butt of the gun on the floor of the side by side atv and holding it by the barrel SHROUD after firing 20+ rounds through it. No military grade mounts on our ranch equipment sorry. Lol By the way when I'm holding the gun by the barrel SHROUD (with the buttstock on the floor of the atv) it is not loaded. I figured I would explain that so no one freaks out. Good Grief LOL (If you served in our Military thank you for your service.) Thanks!
  4. I do not have the black aces rail but it looks nice. The fact that it is aluminum is a big plus. It appears to be light and won't cause too much extra weight. The price is good. The only thing I was concerned with is the rail in relation to the dust cover. If you have to take the rail off to remove the dust cover that might be a pain... However, if you rarely remove your dust cover to inspect or clean the S12 then maybe it won't be a big deal. If cost is important to you then the low price may offset the extra effort required to temporarily remove the rail for future maintenance.
  5. Making comments like "Someone actually bought an AA quad." Makes you come across as a d!ck. I'm just not that kind of guy and can't stand it when someone comes on here asking questions and gets THAT treatment. There is no reason for it. The design of the AA quad is to allow heat to dissipate quickly and is designed for the user to install a grip. It is also made out of Aluminum just like any other rail! How is that cheap opposed to the factory plastic grip? Where are you confused on the design? I looked straight down the rail (no sights) and put 4 slugs in a 5" group at 60 yards off
  6. Hmmm I've never seen the JP. I'm not sure how the red dot compares to the holographic from a visual aspect but I really like the holographic. I will have to do some more research. Thanks for showing me the JP it's definitely an option.
  7. Rinocorn! Awesome! Is it just me or are there a lot of super sensitive people on this forum? LOL!!!
  8. If you get time go out and shoot some low brass. Look on the ground at the pile empty shells. Then shoot some 3" magnums. The empty shells from the 3" magnums will be launched 3 times the distance as the low brass lol. There is no point to this post. I just thought it was fun to compare the two. Oh and yes the 3" magnums did feel like they were going to knock my shoulder off even with the break and added weight of the shroud and quad rail. Lol
  9. I think you answered your own question & I have one of my own... Someone that shoots guns actually wears a flat cap? I don't get it lol. I didn't pay $300 for my quad rail... I didn't even pay half that... If your going to use a foregrip why not buy one? If you want to mount a front sight why not? If you want to add a laser for shooting pigs out of a moving vehicle why not? If you want heat to dissipate quickly because it's 110 degrees out side why not? If it is your gun why not? It's well built I will say that. That being said I will NEVER do business with AA again!
  10. I'm putting double stack mags on the same playing field as big foot, Loch Ness, and unicorns..... Lol Does anyone own one of these fable double stack mags that I hear legends about?
  11. I haven't heard anything about double stack mags in forever. Did the idea just die off again after all the hype?
  12. Have you ever road in rough terrain on an atv? Proper form and especially reloading isn't as easy as sitting on the bench. Grabbing the barrel is also common. To each his own.
  13. That is the same reason I was looking into Eotech. The dot for slugs and the circle for buckshot. It makes since because it is also a very quick and easy sight to use. If I did get one I would feel more comfortable putting it on a detachable mount just incase it did fail.
  14. I put a threaded shroud on my S12 because I wanted to use the Molot. However, I didn't like the Molot break on a skinny barrel by itself so I added a shroud. Added weight to the front of s gun can also reduce muzzle rise as long as it isn't too heavy and unbalanced. People complain about adding weight but putting a 20 round drum on your Saiga 12 is going to add more weight than anything else. Whats a couple more ounces from the shroud going to hurt? If you want to get a shroud then get one. Some people love them and some people hate them. I hate guns painted red or neon green but to each
  15. If a break reduces muzzle hop I don't see anything wrong with it. The Saiga was imported unconverted. So i dont mind adding or removing stuff to improve performance. Just because Chevy or Ford makes a vehicle it does not mean it can not be modified to make it better. Now I don't like painting a firearm up with neon green glitter and crap. Lol.
  16. Thanks for all the replies. I'm not sure if I am going to keep my Saiga how it is or not. I appreciate the info on the Eotech sights. I'm going to stay clear of them and just run iron sights. I do have a few stick mags. I just slapped the drum on for the hell of it. So I can leave it tacticool or take it down to pretty much stock. I haven't decided yet. If the break helps I will leave it tacticool because I can't stand how the Molot brake looks on a barrel without a shroud. I don't like the bulky looking break on the end of a skinny barrel. Looks like a d*** or something. Lol
  17. Got it converted. 5 minutes after completing the conversion my BHO lever popped into the receiver and I had to fish it out with a piece of wire. So I cut it in half and left it in the gun. This prevents me front having to order the nonBHO hammer. Here it is. I still need to decide on iron sites or eotech... I'm curious to see if the barrel shroud and muzzle break are worth the weight... I hate the gap between the shroud and foregrip. I may chop down the barrel a tad and rethread it so eliminate that gap. I also need a different side rail that better matches the top rail of the foregrip
  18. Thank yall very much for the replies. I appreciate it. I think I will go ahead and order the shroud from CSS. You were correct about burning your hand thing in regards to the shroud. That's the only reason I want it is to keep people from getting burned. Well that and leaning it up against the seat in the Side by side atv etc. I was just making sure I was on the right track. I already got burned by two companies because I hadn't done my research. I hope it never happens again. I'm also trying to go less tacticool and more purpose driven modifications.
  19. I'm new to this forum and had a few questions. My gun has cycled flawlessly with high brass 00 buckshot 2 3/4 and 3" magnums. I have never had the desire to shoot low brass bird shot because well.... I'm not freakin shooting birds with it.... I guess people use low brass because it's cheaper? Also, I understand that polishing your firearm makes everything function smoother. Well if I shoot the s12 enough wouldn't it eventually 'break in' and smooth it's self out? Does anyone actually have the Alliance Armament aluminum quad rail installed? I bought one and I like how it looks an
  20. I was just wondering if anyone was running the Molot GK-01 with a barrel shroud. I've never seen a picture of one but I would like to know what it looks like before ordering. Thanks!
  21. I cancelled my order!!! I will never do business with Alumalite ever again! I already had to deal with AA's piss poor costumer service. I don't even want to have items on my firearm that came from a company with such disregard for their customers! I placed my order from Alumalite over a month ago! Zero response! I will be taking my business elsewhere! Over a month for a barrel shroud???? Screw that!
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