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  1. Its all good, I ended up tapping it off with a rubber mallet over a towell and screwdriver, like I said it was brand new and unfired. I didnt realize how tight it was right out of the factory. It had so much dust inside it I was shocked but cleaned and oiled it up nice and its ready to go.
  2. First off I want to say Im glad I stumbled upon this forum because I love the AK platform! I picked up a brand new Saiga 5.45 today and want to change the rail out with a quad battle rail, my question is ( I watched You Tube video already ) I unscrewed both screws on the present rail, the one closest to the mag well and the one where the sling attaches, I cannot pull the rail off for some reason, Im not a weak person and actually held on to the rifle and my son tried to slied it off while I held the rifle and it was not budging! This is brand new out of the box so I know it cant be broke
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