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  1. ^^^^ This^^^^^ Both mags prolly need a little adjustment. Your springs should have 7-8 coils. I bet its just catching. Try to unload a loaded mag manually and see if they are not coming up. I vote for Salem six mag extensions. Bought two and both work great. Gun looks way better and proportioned with ten rounders. I only had to file down the inside of one mag the other one worked great with no filing. I also suggest that if you can not get mags to work write the manufacturer an email. I had a break in my feed lips and they replaced for free no problem. Sent me a new gun. I am sure if they
  2. Oh where oh where is that pretty firebird drum.?
  3. Wish they had The MkA still for 399
  4. Always so much drama. I enjoy the occasional sarcastic poke. Sorry it was at you Jim. I agree though less dollars and more drum here would be awesome. Good luck on your progress. Keep us informed.
  5. Come on Jim wheres the drum at.? I know you got to be close.
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  7. Just took the ole XN out this weekend to confirm and the spartan 12ga shot just fine. This is the buckshot with the clear plastic top not crimped.
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    Ten four so we cant get the cool ones from oversees due to the adj stock.
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    TnA didnt you post that the ones on the new MKA site were illegal here? Or is that because of the collapsible stock they come with.
  10. Just curious to find out more about the Import Ban on these. I remember hearing some word of mouth stuff but never read any news on the subject.
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    I was just wondering if there was an import ban on the Akdal MKA 1919. I have heard some stuff and read some things but have not seen anything solid. The new MKAs look pretty sharp and was wondering if we could get them in the US.
  12. Well i was referring to my XN. I bought this when i first got my Akdal and it would not cycle. I since have shot many rounds and maybe it has broken in some. I will try to shoot some this weekend to test.
  13. I bought the case last year and had issues with FTE
  14. Thats the good one right?
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