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  1. Southern Maryland. I did it with my Saiga 410 last year. I did we'll but the 410 just didn't have enough balls to flip the flipper and 2 big knockdown plates.
  2. I finally get to put my S20 to the test next week. Got her running 95% efficient with Remmington long range express. Steels and clays on 6 stages with a round count of 85. Poppers, flippers, and a Texas star. Should be a blast.
  3. Pantera2

    Home defense

    Just curious. Does anyone have a S20 that runs so flawlessly that they would rely on it for their ONLY home defense weapon? Mine runs pretty well but not good enough to be my go to gun.
  4. Those work good in mine along with Remmington long range express. Stick with the 10 round mags and have fun. Those 3" shells are to expensive to blow through.
  5. Never had much luck with the 15 rounders. 10s and 5s work good. What ammo are you using? I found out that the cheaper ammo,(softer shell casings), dont feed reliably.
  6. 3 inch shells cycle the best. It's not going to run reliably on cheap ammo. The ones that run the best in mine is the Remmington long range express. Approx $16 per box. Second best is the Winchester 3" high brass. It's worth the extra cost to me rather than deal with cycling issues each range trip. Sometime you just got to bite the bullet.
  7. I would put some rounds thru it before I did any modifications. At least 100
  8. Just curious. What were they asking for the 20 ?
  9. If it is to be your HD gun why do you intend to store it in a case? I would think you would want it readily available when needed.
  10. Use the silicone treated gun socks, not a foam lined case.
  11. Granted, those golden bullets are dirty and low end but my M&P 22 eats those all day long. It's the only 22 gun of mine that they run well in.
  12. I just finished running a box of Suprema from wallmart . Pleasantly surprised. Only 4 FTEs . For only $5.88 per box it cycles well and almost a third of the cost for Remmington.
  13. So if I understand this all is that the 410 bead sight IS removable but the 12 and 20 are not ? I have both a 410 and 20 and want to put fiber optic sights on both. I was told the 20 is not removable.
  14. I am thinking of trying high temp RTV sealant. If that don't work I have some industrial strength double sided tape. If all else fails there's always JB weld
  15. I'm currently breaking in my S20. So far the only reliable cycling shells are the Remmington express 2 3/4 . Another 50 or so rounds then I'll try some less expensive shells.
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