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  1. thomfantomas

    Saiga 410

  2. thomfantomas

    Why are there no decent magazines for saiga 410?

    you need to wear in the magazine spring....load them to full capacity for a few days...i have the SMG G2 not familiar with the surefire or others...as far as the 3in goes the Golden Bear magnums are a no go unless you have Russian factory mags......the winchester super-x will work along flawlessly with some high brass in those 10-15 rd'ers with other brands also.....what mags to you specifically have?
  3. thomfantomas

    Saiga 410

    ^^^ this
  4. thomfantomas

    Saiga 410

    i wouldn't recommend shortening the barrel...and as far as the "clips" go your Saiga takes magazines i would highly recommend factory mags lastly don't buy any 2 1/2 shells
  5. thomfantomas

    Why are there no decent magazines for saiga 410?

    Factory mags for the 410 were four round mags unless you got a factory 10 rounder with yours then I'm jealous. I actually ended up trading the 410 for a 12. Trader was happy with it and so was I. He just wanted a better ak shotgun suited for his wife yea but those 12g Factory mags are double the price for the 410...............but i here ya out.......definitely one of my most frustrated project gathering the essentials together....if i were rich i would obtain all three 410 20 and 12 hehehe
  6. thomfantomas

    Why are there no decent magazines for saiga 410?

    looking back at my delimma........................................it's good to have the essentials SMG,Factory and the 4rd that feeds 2 1/2 Shells.
  7. thomfantomas

    i'm selling SMG Tactical Mags For Saiga

    revised selling 3 for 100
  8. thomfantomas

    i'm selling SMG Tactical Mags For Saiga

    how many posts do i need in order for that?
  9. thomfantomas


    NVM i found some Factory mags
  10. these are G2 410 just thought i would share free shipping http://www.ebay.com/itm/271978338862?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  11. thomfantomas


    having plenty of the Golden Bear 410-3" Magnum Slugs and wasting money on the SMG tactical Gen 2 mags....it looks like Surefire Mags would be my best bet? i live in maryland so we have 10 rd capacity law yes i know pathetic.......lastly i know the IZHMASH factory mags are THEE BEST.....but my options are limited due to restriction and none existed factory mags....HELP FEEDBaCK INFO thank You
  12. thomfantomas

    Selling SGM GEN 2 410 Mags

    2 in total they are unissed....no wear and tear.......asking 35 a piece PM me for more info
  13. thomfantomas

    Saiga issues after conversion

    POSSIBLY FIXED received my new firing pin spring along with the DPH gas knob...after installation this is the outcome https://goo.gl/photos/A8LQxjYJoeapuXYy7(warning hardcore feet porn ) before removing the BHO and having the CSS mainspring installed that flat surfaced pencil wouldn't even move in the bore aiming horizontally or vertically...and after putting the actually punch inside the bore just to see its effect hahaha that thing flew across the room once i pulled the trigger...i think i'm good to go
  14. thomfantomas

    need firing pin spring and striker

    no secrets saigastock.com has the firing pin spring and i think they have the actually firing pin also...and europeanamericanarmory didn't have the striker and firing pin at the time of my placed order for those items....later being stated it was in stock at their warehouse....they then compensated me free of charge for both item since they issues me a refund all in all those 2 websites are your best luck as far as internal parts go.