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  1. Just would like to thank Mr Hitch of Evlutionz LLC for getting my saiga12 to a whole other level. Finally had a proper range day with it and ran flawless 110%. Not one fte ftf miss fire anything but brutal fire power. 8” barrel. The man even sacrificed a bolt from his own stock because mine had a fugly bolt which is forever in shame on here. Not my doing. But if you are serious about awesome craftsmanship this is a great man to send your job too. I’m a very happy customer and my Saiga is a family heirloom. I tried to post pics but they kick me back and it says contact us for help? So maybe th
  2. That fugly bolt looks really familiar. And that grind job wasn’t my doing promise. Still worked . Goes to show how tough a Saiga is. and Mr. Hitch (Evlutionz) top notch fella. 👍🏻
  3. 1 md20, 2 promag 15s,smg 12. Just picked up a csspecs 10. And I have a Saiga 5. Gonna run them all tomorrow at the range. Hoping the csspecs 10 runs good. I’d like 5 more. The smell of gun powder makes my test levels go up so hoping for max machismo
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