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  1. Hadn't thought of that, the brake is already large enough for the choke to drop into, I would just need him to install the choke ( cutting and tapping ) and get a long wrench. Do you have contact info or a website of this Evl fella?
  2. Spent a while at the LGS today measuring winchokes and such and all of them are too small to engage the ID of the RWC brake :-( Was looking at it and was wondering if the DPH is spin-on or weld-on? I don't have threads under the RWC brake and I don't know who I would send it off to who would know how to properly treat a Saiga barrel and not just say "it's a shotgun, how perfect does it have to be", I don't want the long range accuracy of slugs to suffer.
  3. I can't seem to hit much of anything even at fairly close range ( fifty feet ). Birds as small as cowbirds escape repeatedly ( I have never killed one even after five or six occasions ) even though they are clearly within the pattern ( I got a dove that was feeding with the cowbirds ). So is anyone making a choke that could screw into the RWC brake after cutting threads inside? I'm thinking a mod or full choke would be about what I need.
  4. Here's mine with a quad and folding stock. Still very happy with it. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/97723-my-finished-saiga-12/ Ooops here's the thread with the folder finished http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/97732-folders-tang-wtf/
  5. Do you even need the mag in to fire/thumb one round? I have a feeling the follower just gets in the way.
  6. You call that a video!! An SUG ( Sport Utility Gun ), a hot russian chick and NO bikini? lol I like his improvised yip sticks, all he needs to take into the field is some twine and a campsaw. A question about the slug ribs: Through a tighter bore ( full choke ) would they most likely: A-increase the seal and increase velocity perhaps increasing accuracy? or B-deform and decrease accuracy?
  7. Pft, an AR, I was talkin about REAL guns lol.
  8. And yet no-one goes for light-weight in target guns where muzzle weight settles the aim. Considering the heft of shotgun ammo, I think this is a non-argument. This IS indeed a weapon, and I would rather have something I like rather than this weeks tactical operator "my way or you're a nugget" version of what's PC in the gun world. FWIW "I" don't like those add-on rails, I just have never trusted one, never seen one fail, but.....
  9. Nice to see similar results, lets me know it wasn't just a fluke day. Ammo was Federal F127 RS, rifled slug HP 1610fps. Trying to work with ammo that's always available and not terribly expensive. I've got several hundred rounds of Fed bulk, will get some of these slugs and am trying to decide on #4 buck( not birdshot ) or 00 buck. Will probly get some 2 or 4 birdshot at some point.
  10. Update for posterity since I can't edit the original post. Slugs at 100yds, 5 shots, one user error miss, one unknown miss, apx six inch spread on the three that hit:
  11. Finally got a day off on a calm day! Laid the Saiga across my portable shooting bench ( the riding mower lol ) on a sand bag. It was dead on at 50yds so I backed it up to a laser measured 100yds. Never had to move the sight nor change my sight pic ( 000 buck showed that at 100yds I had to use the ramp under the front bead to aim, but the slugs were dead on ) a 12" gong and a max spread of about 6". 5 shots total and one of the misses was a trigger jerk on my part, I have no idea what happened to the other missing shot but I have a bad astigmatism and you can see there are some white wildflo
  12. Where can I get those nifty belt clips on those magazines?
  13. I would locate another "return spring guide", that way no amount of boogering will render your gun useless for long. 1st option: can you get something like needle nose vice grips to crush the button back down into it's hole so you could then push the spring guide in and get the dust cover off? 2nd option: have somebody grind or dremel the button till it no longer prevents you from getting the dust cover off, then repair or swap parts as needed.
  14. And now, with very much thanks to Heartbreaker for acquiring the CSS adapter for me, I present this months FINAL configuration lol The folder is naturally from ACE and it's now a svelte 29" long when folded: ( as always the bi-pod is just for photographic purposes ) As to the sight line problems mentioned above this config passes "the 1911 check", when I look at a target, close my eyes and raise the gun, I am right on target with no practice. I can't ask for more. I should have took some close pics of the CSS receiver block adapter, I left the very slightest of bump r
  15. I'm fitting-up the CSS no-tang receiver block tonight ( generously acquired for me by Heartbreaker ) and when that's done I'll put a small bevel on the front of that latch button. IF the dustcover were to slide backwards it would slam into the unaltered front of the button, but the bevel will allow the button to pass into the dustcover when the button is not quite all the way down, thus easing the effort required to push the button down while pressing the latch forward. I'm still not seeing what force blows the dust cover off while the latch is held rearward by recoil and spring tension on
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