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  1. Hey everyone thanks for the help! What I ended up doing was using 2000 grip paper and smoothing the rails and lugs on the bolt face like Fuller mentioned in his videos. The action feels a lot smoother, however it might just be me, but if I do not have the metal piece that attaches to the rear of the recoil spring button that keeps the dust cover on, my bolt face gets stuck in the area where it lifts out if that makes sense. I will take some pictures tomorrow. Is this common for the 308 saiga's to need that little buffer at the end to function?
  2. My Dad's stage name was Devin Theme. I tried making an account on Runescape and it game me Theme_ with randomly generated numbers. I thought Theme57 looked the best and it just kind of stuck. This was when I was about... 8 years old? So give or take 14 or so years ha ha.
  3. Hello All, I am in the process of converting my S-308 and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on areas to polish for a smoother action. I shot a friends arsenal SGL-21 a couple weeks ago and it was noticeable more smooth when it came to racking the bolt. I am using Dinzag's deluxe kit and have seen videos from Jim Fuller explaining that you can smooth the action by taking some sand paper to the rails the bolt runs across, the cam lug and area where the cam lug moves in. However I want to check with you guys on here before I do anything. Thank you,
  4. So I am on the ball about two options. Either convert my bull barrel saiga 308 or save up to get a definitive arms saiga 556 w/ ar15 adapter. I plan on using either rifle for training classes, plinking, and as my go-to rifle (non-HD). Lastly i am currently a student so after this purchase i can probably afford $100 +/- $25 per month or two in ammo. If i convert the 308, it will be cheaper short term. Mags and ammo is what will be more expensive in the long run. If i buy the DA saiga 556, it will be more expensive up front, but ammo or mags are cheaper and easier to come by. Plus the
  5. Found the email in my spam folder. Not sure why. Thanks everyone!
  6. So I just got back from the range and both of my CSSpecs 10 round saiga 308 magazines would not seat properly. They would look as if they had seated properly, but the magazine catch was vertical instead of being at an angle. Does anyone suggest filing for fitment? I have already contacted CSSpecs regarding this.
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