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  1. Any thoughts on eezox?
  2. Nice try boomka, lol. I've dished out enough info on my super secret hidey hole. Besides, you haven't even seen the gun yet.
  3. Any suggestions on what kind of oil to wipe it down with?
  4. I plan on integrating it into the back of my dresser, which sits against the wall. Extending the back part by maybe 2 inches with a foam cutout and a very thin piece of wood on a tiny hinge so I can open and close it once its away from the wall. Im on the east coast by the way. Virginia beach
  5. Ive heard of people leaving out cheap dummy guns, so the intruder figures they got the goods and can be on their way. Maybe ill do that too but I figure they will have their hands full with game consoles and stuff and not search high and low for a hidden gun that may or may not be there.
  6. I am indeed using a piece of furniture to make this case. I work long hours and any DETERMINED criminal will get into that safe.
  7. @pantera2 I also have a 9mm for HD. I guess the S12 will be more of a range toy/ case queen. Haha I do plan on leaving it out in the open while im home, but it will go into the case when I leave the house for long periods of time, like going to work. I dont want anyone getting in my house while im gone and my saiga is just sitting there for them. It SEEMS that if I keep some kind of oil coat on it, it should be fine in the foam case.
  8. I've seen those, but isn't the whole point of parkerizing is that it be able to handle "rough" conditions? It will be my HD gun and will probably never see extremes unless shtf. I guess I just didn't want to cover my pretty gun with a sock.
  9. Hey guys, I just got my first S-12 and im currently having it converted. I have some concerns about storage. I want to make a custom foam case for it but people say not to store guns in foam because the foam will absorb moisture. Would this be much of an issue indoors where it is climate controlled? The gun will also be parkerized. Would that prevent damage from moisture? It would only be stored away for maybe a month at a time. Pics coming soon.
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