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  1. Bump I might be purchasing a used, unconverted Saiga .223 to convert. I used Dinzag years ago for many of my conversion parts. Is he still in business?
  2. Just picked up a Saiga-12 today. I'll probably go with a basic conversion but that will be some time from now.
  3. Got this Cobra Red Dot back in January. I love it!
  4. Got a rather silly question with regards to Tromix's buttstocks. Can they be made into folders? Can they mount to the ACE adapter block? Does Tromix make a folding stock similar to this pattern? http://www.tromix.com/saiga-parts.htm (Scroll down towards the bottom of the page)
  5. The original AK design has ports in the gas tube. They later removed them with the AK-74M.
  6. Sorry to hear of your health problems Mark. I hope everything goes well. I'd like to purchase one of those zig-zag breaks when you are back 100%. PM sent
  7. Just get the Galil ones, they will actually function. They are designed to hold 5.56/.223
  8. You don't really need to "press" it on. Just take a mallet and something soft to absorb the impact and and tap it on till the holes line up with the slots cut on the bottom of the barrel.
  9. Cut it off with a dremel. Just go slow and be careful.
  10. edit: derp, i didnt read the whole thread
  11. Cowtown, Go this route. Buy one of these: http://dinzagarms.com/saiga_762x39/74fsb.html Replace your current FSB with the one above. Then buy one of these: http://www.krebscustom.com/PartsPages/KalashnikovParts.shtml#ak74brake It is a true '74 type break but designed for the 7.62 round. It is what I did to mine.
  12. I voted for the Modern because it still retains the basic visual aspects of the classic AK. And by modern I mean this:
  13. Ok seems like my fears are put to rest. Thanks guys!
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