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  1. That is on the +11...the follower goes into the extension and that part will not pass by the joint between the bottom of the mag and the extension. the end user might be able to massage the mag in that area or that part that is spring loaded. On the +3, that is not an issue as the follower stays in the parent magazine. Tim
  2. Sooooo......the +3 and +11 extensions are now black. How's that sound?
  3. I have them for the MKA 1919 match and the Akdal lower. I been told that the latter will also work for all other plastic lowers except the MKA 1919 Match..... Soooooo....i did pick up a BR99 10 steel magazine.....which required A LOT of work to drop free in my shot gun and added a +11 to it. Now I have a 21 round magazine that works pretty well. The 17 round spring is, as expected too weak to do 4 extra rounds in the column.....so I backed it up with a floor plate and a factory 5 round spring......it works rather well now!! And yep.....thats a poly choke 2 on the end.....which just adds
  4. So here is the dim's for the magwell.......a buddy of mine has one of the original Akdal 1919 and I made a magwell for his shotgun as well.....turns out the the Akdal is 1/4" shorter front to back, due to the new design having a retractable steel feed lip. Tim
  5. Here is something REALLY old school.......back in the day, before plastic wads.....these things worked very well. This was of course, back in the day before tube tubes......I'm sure you've seen these things soldered onto old shotguns. Well.....years ago 'to keep up with the times' They came out with the poly choke II that screws in like a choke tube. They actually work....any one that say they don't.......never used one. AND....they look tac-te-cool now too!!! http://www.poly-choke.com/choke2.htm
  6. First off......it appears that the akdal lower is about a 1/4" shorter (front to back) than the the match lower.....second, I'm not sure if I will actually make these for sale as there seems to be so much variance in the receivers so I'd be flying blind. If I do offer them, at first it would only be for the newest match versions. And as of yet, I do not know how far apart you'd have to couple the mags as even I've not gotten that far.....but I will as I progress on this project
  7. So I printed up a magwell for the 1919 Match.......very strong (ABS....car bumper stuff). HUGE funnel....almost sucks the mag in all by itself. No need to look.......just drop the spent mag and slam a new one home!!
  8. yeah.....you should look at exchanging that for 2 +3's then.....you'll never have fun with the +11 I'm sorry that we were not clearer on that. We did however, make that clear now on the website. Tim
  9. I am the wrong person to ask.......all I know about is the shotgun I have. But it seems there is a lot of subtle differences.....one thing I do know is that the outside of the magazine well is about a 1/4" longer than others due to the fact that the match has a steel feed lip that is spring loaded and rides up and down when the magazine is inserted.
  10. End up putting a Magpul CTR stock on it with a 1/4" riser and the .7" thick butt pad.....really like that set up. Still running 100% for me......I think I am gonna move to the dark side next year. Still need to get some more mags for it....a few 5's and a couple 10's......gonna be the heat for hog hunting if I ever get around to doing that. 7/8 ounce FIOCCHI slugs inbound.......we'll see how those work out out of this thing
  11. We can always exchange that for 2 of the +3's that are used on the 10 round over molded mags.....not as much fun for you guys that have to have that feature. The +3's allow for the BHO to be left intact. Not as much fun as 16 rounds.....but hey, you gotta have whats important to your tastes. Tim
  12. Pretty much any semi I've owned runs 2 3/4 dram 1 1/8 loads......seems to be a very solid reliable set up. Now.....1 ounce becomes iffy in a 2 3/4 dram. I would not call this a light trap load, nor is it a heavy trap load....some where in the middle, maybe a little to light side, but not really too much. I do use 3 dram loads in 1 ounce, but really haven't had any issues knocking anything down with either.....and when I do? Out come the 3 1/4, 1290fps, 1 1/8 ounce loads Teflon will build up.....dry out and harden at the end of travel. Used PTFE lubricants in hi-speed stamping dies, needed
  13. I just put the extensions on the mags.....and started loading. Didn't anything to the parent mag at all. I will say that on loading.....the 7th shell must be were the follower goes into the extension as there is a little hang up sometimes. I just push 6th shell down with my thumb and the 7th loads fine and every shell after that. And on shooting.....no hang ups whats so ever anywhere in the column or transition point. Tim
  14. Honestly......I am not here to sell....besides, no one will believe the guy who actually makes the stuff or works for the company anyways. As for exporting.....anything that is attached to a firearm......I will not ship outside of the good ole' USA, I choose to stay away from any ITAR reg's, or possible reg's, safest to just not do it....just policy, and will not change that stand....period, end of story. And there is no talking me into it or saying how stupid I am.....I already know that. Call me bull headed, that's the way it is......if someone else wants to do it.....fine....not me.
  15. well then.....you are all set.....and no fruit loops for you!!
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