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  1. Welcome to the forum, I have 2 Saiga 410's for home defense. Mine are new and am breaking them in. I had luck with Remington 3 inch plastic shells. I also hae a 15 round magazine and a 30 round drum. Welcome!
  2. here in chiraq protecting my family, i live and work about 10 miles from ground zero, go to wisconsin as much as possible, land of the free home of the brave.
  3. great day shooting the Saiga 410 with 3 inch Remington and pro mag 15 round plastic magazine also worked well. any video on loading the 30 round drum?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ1LcopZHKg​ check this
  5. Thanks !! Your comments have helped me gain some insight into this gun. give me a carburetor and I am in my element. When adjusting the gas cylinder stopper does one simply turn from 1 to 2 or 2 to 1 via screwdriver, mine seems very tight and does it go clockwise or counter clockwise. any comments appreciated.
  6. Ladies and Gents: finally got to a place that I could shoot some rounds and the 410 using the 4 round factory magazine kept on jamming at the feed area tried 3 inch even tried 2 1/2 shells 3 inch worked better but got tired of the jamming and spent some rounds in my Judge and 38 revolver. any comments on best rounds to buy for the 410 appreciated. Magazine reads 410x76 so stupid me should have stuck with the 3 inch. Sorry I am a new at this have always borrowed some ones gun when I went hunting and they cleaned it also. I bought these Saigas and got my son off his ass in front of the vi
  7. Hey to all: gonna go shhot some rounds this weekend finally , up to Wisconsin land of the free! got myself a crossbow for turkey hunting check it out ​ thanks to all Ken
  8. Will pay top dollar for large capacity factory mags, anybody got some?
  9. this is the first thing I will do.
  10. I have decided to hold off and educate myself more so will leave the shotgun as it is and cancel my order for drum and magazine. Thanks to all will keep you posted.
  11. Forsaken352 and Gun Fun thank you both very much. I would have a gunsmith shorten it, I have the longest barrel and I see other versions a little shorter. Like the 410K. Time to digest info. thanks again Ken
  12. 1927Chevy

    Saiga 410

    Ladies and Gents just got a Saiga 410 that I have yet to shoot as I live in the city. I purchased it for home defense as I live in the city. Would like to make or get a shorter barrel. I have been trying to educate myself on this shotgun as I am not in the know when it comes to guns. Am an old gearhead so dismantling it is not a problem. Working on understanding what goes on when you pull the trigger is what I need to understand better. I have also purchased a couple of 15 round clips and a 30 round drum. Awaiting delivery. I see many versions of this gun and am considering modify
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