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  1. WOW...good to know about the 3" rounds. As for the handle...yeah, its broke, I found it. Already got a new one coming from Matt along with a new light load spring. Hope everything fits...it isn't mka 1919 it's leader arms ar12. But there is another thread about how similar they are. Maybe this will help see how close. As for the boy...maybe he was to scared by the bump fire to realize that was what happened.
  2. Was at the range range with a friend and his son. The son was shooting, and I warned him "those are big rounds be careful"....1760 fps rifled slug 3". first 2 rounds no problem...next round jammed on the upper lip of the barrel. he pulled the bolt handle and the round fell into place and slid right into barrel. Now understand the kid is 14 and I've never trusted a word out of his mouth. But, this next round scared the holy shit out of him and I don't know what to believe. He said he didn't double tap and the gun fired twice....and into the tracks above. More confusing....the bolt handle broke
  3. I'd be in for 1 if I could get my gun to run without jams. Just ground off the top lip in the barrel and bought 2 ten round mags from Matt...we'll see how it runs next weekend.
  4. The first time I shot clay was from a pump with nothing but a bead, shot maybe 60%. Shoulder was sore as hell the next day, no cushion, wood stock. Embarrassingly, that was just earlier this year....45 years old and I'm just now discovering all this new fun stuff, lol. I then found the "leader arms ar-12" on grabagun for $370.00...had to have it. Don't like the flimsy, inaccurate sights (carry handle rear sight, fake gas block front sight). So I took those off and used it as a flat top. Like I said I put a bore laser in it and found that I needed to leed a little low (looking straight down the
  5. J-Points.."so far so good"?...How long is "so far"? I found their websight , I really like the 65 MOA circle dot...perfect for multi clay! But how well does it stand up to shotgun?....How long have you been using it? Price isn't too scary if it holds up...$299 plus $50 to mount....what's their warranty like. I only had like a couple of minutes to look at their page, I saw the 65 MOA circle dot and I found the mount...then had to go to work. Plus IT IS Christmas time..for others, right?...Kinda back burner for now...but not long. Still gathering info...but I do like the JP stuff, Thanx.
  6. It's all about fast aquisition I know. But, I've never had the chance to try red dot. Trying out the Leader Arms ar-12 as a flat top I did okay, BUT... I used a bore laser to see where the shot was going first. I shot about 75% accuracy...I thought it was okay for first time with the gun and no sights at all. I've seen on this forum the red dots are favored.....what do I need to look for and will they work well for double traps and maybe double skeet? Thanks Dave
  7. uhm...made it to the range again this weekend. Still jambing on 3 or 4...5 rnd mag. Seems to be catching the top lip of the barrel with the top front of the shell... 3 inchers don't seem to have a problem, all though the 3 inch was 1760fps. Can the top of the barrel lip be profiled a bit for smoother slide into the barrel...or is that a recipe for disaster? Maybe the feed lips on the mags just need pinched in "a bit"? Just trying to get this gun to work....maybe a pump would have been a better choice.
  8. Thanx guys, problem solved ! I really thought it was going to be the mag lock/release slot lips, so I tried bending them out a little first. Could not get mag out at all. Avoiding taking it apart I used a butter knife for a little extra release. Got the mag out, put the slot back to normal, good to go, except for not holding the bolt open. So I tried the feed lips, and like toothandnail said..."it doesn't take much"...first try was too much and made it so it was Very difficult to even open the action...but it stayed open! So I put it back in just a touch and all worked perfectly. And in doin
  9. Just like the title says, 1 works, the other does not. Looking at the mags I can not see a difference. The mag that does not hold the bolt open sometimes jams on round 3 or 4. The other mag runs flawless...on high power slug. I just recently found that if I hold the mag higher in the well and cycle the bolt manually it holds open....then rack the bolt a couple times and it falls closed....so the mag isn't sitting high enough in the well....what do I check next...I can't exactly change the location of the mag lock hole in the mag, anything I can adjust? Dave
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