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    New RSAAK47 triigger and BHO lever dont seem to fit

    Yes, i removed .01"off the BHO side and .005" off other side / polished and magically parts went right in. I will post pic's as I learn how to use site. Thanks I bought this my first saiga and have stripped it down. Ordered every part I could from R and R and CSS that appeared to enhanced rifle. Am looking forward to a fun and fulfilling build. Any warnings tips or tricks appreciated. This is only my 4th build: bulgy milled ak, Noveske 18"AR, and Ruger 10/22, Thanks for the help, new gun new things to learn. Appreciate the response
  2. Mezzo11BC2

    New RSAAK47 triigger and BHO lever dont seem to fit

    I found a reference thanks anyway
  3. My first Saiga, Cant get the Hammer pin to seat all the way with new RSA ak47 trigger and BHO lever from CSS. I have destroyed a retaining plate trying to force it. The original Hammers pin tube measures 1.012" the new RSA measures 1.030" Okay so I assume I will file then polish polish the difference of them .02 off of it. Well if I take .01" off each side to ensure centered firing pin strike, how do I address the rounded divet on the left side of hammer pin tube. Or do I I dont have a drill press accurate to .01" so I am not sure how to ream the concave side of hammer the original BHO lever is .080" and the new one from CSS is .085" I didnt want to file anything until someone could guide me since its a new gun and parts etc and well cut once thing Anyone ever heard of this or point me to some posts related. I am in the new to forum so hope I posted in right spot Thanks
  4. My name is Mike Ezzo and my military MOS was 11B (Light Infantry) C2 means Dragon Missle Operator. 101st Airborne - HHC 1/506 Inf PIR S-2 Motorcycle Scout, B Co 1/506th PIR Inf Imjin Scout Camp Greaves S Korea While in the service I loved the opposing forces OPFOR weapons, after taking a weapons course on Soviet Weapons. I came to realize how durable and tough their firearms are . Especially when working in desert or Jungle environments This is my first forum and look forward to exploring the Saiga 12.