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  1. reoiv

    Titan Rail

    How do you know what batch you're in? I ordered my Titan rail back in March and it said the 2nd batch was shipping in April.
  2. Saw this on another board today. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/kalashnikov-faces-bankruptcy/article1296238/ Here is the story from Pravda http://english.pravda.ru/business/companies/21-09-2009/109412-kalashnikov-0 Basically Izmash can't pay their bills and is filing for Bankruptcy. I wonder what this will do to Saigas and the Saiga market.
  3. The shark breaks don't look right to me unless they coated them in something. They also seem like they've been beveled at the back.
  4. hurry up with the paper work already I'm dying to see what your idea is.
  5. Saw these on the SomethingAwful TFR board. They look slick as hell. They will have inserts for use on the rifles as well. They have attachment points to bolt rails to if needed. No idea when/if they will come out.
  6. Will these work on any Saiga or just S12s for now?
  7. I always pronounced it Troh(rhymes with grow)-mix. Then I called Tony one day to order a gun and he answered the phone Trah-mix. And that solved me wondering how it was pronounced.
  8. Please price these cheaper than the Surefire and FMBG even just price em at 30 or 35 and you will still sell them all.
  9. No bullet guide install? Also you could have used a socket wrench on that nut to make the trigger guard install quicker if you installed it before you installed the FCG.
  10. That is for the SGL-10 The SGL-20 is all converted for you to begin with
  11. Ok that is awesome. I thought the SGL-10 was kinda stupid why not just go the whole way. And now they have. If these are under $1000 I'm going to get one most likely.
  12. #610 here so it will still be quite a while lol
  13. I love the WraithFaker MD20 in part 3 you made. That shit was hilarious Mike. Keep up the awesome work
  14. You know you're doing something right when you literally have a 1-2 inch stack of orders waiting for you.
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