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  1. I had them catch at the feed ramp several times and sometimes they were pitched up too high to feed thats why i was thinking the feed ramp needs to be smoothed out. Its over an 1/8 inch of basically flat metal that the shell has to jump over to feed into the chamber. A better view. Almost like the chamber is back too far or the lower part isnt back far enough to make a smooth feed ramp. Gas tube setting is at 2 and cant be turned up higher.
  2. So I was having issues with drums feeding yesterday. After looking at the gun it looks like the feed ramp is blunt. Should i grind that down and smooth it out? Seems like most of the feeding issues would be solved by doing that. Thanks for the help!
  3. Looking at the gun it looks like the feed ramp needs to smoothed out quite a bit. Almost like a wall sitting in the was of the shells instead of a smooth ramp. What are yalls thoughts?
  4. I know i know, i found out after the fact about those drums and am kicking myself. Has anyone been successful at making the promags work better though?
  5. Thank you all in advance for this forum. I just got my saiga 12 and finally had a chance to shoot it. The factory 5 rnd mag worked flawlessly every time. My Promag drums needed to be filed down a tiny bit to fit and had several failures in all three drums. Sometimes it wouldnt feed completely and the bolt be back about an inch, sometimes it would catch two shells at once, and sometimes the shell would be at too steep an angle and get caught in the chamber guide. It seemed as though the front catch was loose on all three and when i held the drum forward while shooting i had no problem. All the
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