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  1. Thank you very much for reply yea my cousin lives in PA and that's where firearm and work will be, think he wants to throw on some wood so that adapter would be beneficial.. Ive seen some adapters that offer side folding wooden stocks..and a slight increased lop..can anyone comment on these? http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2014/06/24/manticore-arms-ak-wood-stock-adapter/
  2. Thank you very much for the reply, any advantage to ordering the parts individually? if i do that im worried ill forget a part lol, i was looking for a list i couldnt find one. when you say "ak specific", does that mean no ironwood furniture?
  3. Title says it all...whats the best conversion kit? css...dazing....mississippi auto arms???? any input on looks, ease of installation, price.. any other pertinent info thank you
  4. I've never brazed a hole in a muffler, but I have brazed small holes in lines and coils (aluminum and copper) and joined fittings via brazing, my standards HVAC braze and plumbing solder, mostly soldering copper fittings. If the hole is too large to fill a cut nail or bolt can be inserted into the hole so the solder or braze can bond two metals...both soldering and brazing are not a way to "fill" material like welding. But if you add that metal in the middle its creating the job conditions that solder or brazing require What sized rivets would be used? And how would the get installed?
  5. Hey, correct me if I'm super far off...but has anyone tried soldering or perhaps brazing these holes shut? Who can tell I work in HVAC units haha Brazing might be off because of high heat but soldering is less heat?
  6. any tutorials on underfolder? here is parts list so far, any upgrades or missing parts or anything. Please advise TimberSmith AK-47 Wooden Stock Set, deluxe conversion kit from dazing, the only thing is I know my cousin requested the Red Star trigger.how would I go about adding a bullet guide to kit? and if a UF was installed would it be interchangeable with the wooden furniture?​ Sorry guys we're both new to saiga....were mosin men haha
  7. also, polish underfolder... anyway to get it to work on a saiga?
  8. Hey guys, wanted to know if a part list can be compiled for a complete conversion . I've read around that you're better off ordering a conversion kit in parts instead of a pre determined one. so whats your parts list guys my cousin and I don't have much of an idea. we've watched a bunch of youtube videos and determined the conversion is in our ability skill set.. we just don't know where to get started parts wise, def 922r as required by law, I know he also likes the wood furniture, its his rifle I'll be helping with the conversion, but I have the lead in the project pretty much. anwyas thanks a bunch for replies
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