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    I'm new here, had my Saiga for a while, & had the usual cheap shell cycle problem. One thing I noticed while cleaning the piston & tube is the loose threads on the cover. I'm thinking if those 3 tiny holes make enough pressure to cycle the gun, sealing the threads with Teflon tape should help considerably. Is this old news? Any thoughts?
  2. Thanks guys! Shes already been moded. Trigger moved, adjustable stock, new grips, a nice laser that falls off every couple shots....
  3. Looks like a 3 port. Cleaned & oiled real good, worked the bolt a few hundred times. Had a little junk in the gas tube. Could see where settings 1 & 2 were doing. Looked like setting 2 would let more gas in? Searched this forum & found nothing. Searched Google & found threads from this forum I needed
  4. I bought a Saiga 12, put 200 rounds through it & noticed a few problems. Mainly, some shells wouldn't cycle. I tried turning the adjustment knob, but only the more powerful shells would cycle. Is something plugged up? Sorry, I don't know much about this gun except I know I love it! Also it stopped staying open on the last shot. Will a 3 inch shell work in it? I've been using 2-3/4. Wanting to buy a bunch of ammo, need advise. Wishing the cheaper stuff would cycle....
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