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    I can't remember not owning a bayonet and some sort of fireworks. Now I have the guns to put them on and the fireworks have gotten bigger. I recently invested in AK-47/74 Russian bakelite mags. Prices are ridiculous on these. They claim that they are rare and scarce, well, no they are not. I hope to sell/trade to the point were I have some left over for me, my family and neighbors. I'm new here so I need to check things out before I get too involved. Looking forward to getting started!
  1. I have been researching these magazines for about two months now. I have yet to hear any thing bad about them except some think they are ugly. I never heard any one complain about fit in mil-spec receivers, or any problems with loading or feeding problems. Haven't seen or heard of a damaged or inoperable magazines. So I bought about 250 47/74 tulas and izhmash russian mags, yea two hundred and fifty. Most comments I find are from people that have never used one, but know something about them. As for appearance most like the looks. I have ordered some paints that are suppose to stick to AG-4S
  2. bored stiff, a firearms nomenclature pun. struck with projectiles from a firearm until , well stiff.
  3. Replacing a bolt carrier requires far to many variables to just do it yourself unless you know exactly what you are doing. You can swap parts all day long that might just work fine, but that is just asking for disaster. You can find people that will give you one they have so many. Any part replaced has to be checked against all other parts that interface it. Make one small modification to one part can affect how it interacts with, in reality, the rest of the gun. Then you check the rest all over again. The AK family can be very forgiving as far as just putting some gas in it and going down th
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