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  1. A while ago, a years or so a police officer came up with the idea of using a blue light bulb in the porch light to show support for the police officers that were shot. This was before the war on police started. I think it time to bring back the idea and spread it across the USA With the new LED bulbs, they give a lot of light and use little electricity. I leave ours on 24/7 you can see it blocks away in either direction. If you like the idea please pass it on.
  2. The PT1205's formerly VP05's are back at BPI ,the wad for the Lee key drive slugs 7/8 1 oz got the pre order case yesterday
  3. At the local coin shop it was $20.00, I ordered a couple more from JM bullion Buy Gold & Silver Bullion Online | Free Shipping - JM Bullion it was around $18 and change of course depending on spot price.
  4. Here is the lazy version peel and stick! Well gotta luv Amazon and Prime the sticker targets made it this afternoon. and here is some I made playing around with the assorted sized paper I have left. I also had some help with felines hold the sheets down you know how windy it gets in the dinning rooms. The rolls of target stickers, the deal is you get a total of 200 4" two rolls of 100, 250 of 3" two rolls of 125. with the buy one get one free deal currently on Amazon. An assortment of made up targets 200 Mega-Pack 4-Inch Target Stickers | Buy 1 Roll & Get 1 Free - NEON ORANGE Self-Adhe
  5. While at the LGS checking to see if they replenished the 50% off bin I came across the perfect bullion gift for the grandson was born on the fourth of July. he will be 3 by the sunshine mint Can see belt buckles in the furure.
  6. Thanks I'm first reusing, re-purposing,recycling items I have on hand. I don't have a printer big enough to print 24"x30" and I shot at a indoor range. Which the target trolley's aren't known for their speed Plus the added benefit that it is making wifey happier that stuff ids being used and will no longer taking space in the shop and house.
  7. Here is my version of home made multi targets. IN a past life I painted signage and banners, along with building magic and props and FX for shows clowns and magicians. Which in a practical world means that I ended up with an excess amount of half full or less of paint spray cans and other wise. Along with large sheets of a heavy weight paper and rolls of brown and white paper. Since I'm dealing with sorting out and disposing of my parents belongings. Wife and I decided to lighten the load of stuff we have a culminated. Since the local indoor range I'm a member has changed their policy on no mo
  8. Due to a question on another forum I put together an expanded list for people to use. For loading data, firearms outdoors, hunting, military etc. A word and caution about buying used books on amazon, Be careful as a lot of the "dealers" selling out of print books think because they are they are worth a ransom. generally they aren't. Here are some other sources on the net, this one is great for price comparisons AddALL book search and price comparison this one is just the search AddALL Used and Out of Print book search A couple more good ones Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Neve
  9. Here my cheap media separator Got mine at the regional version of Wally World. you can use one or two and you can clamp the handles to keep it together. make sure you have a lot of holes and they are large When using one colender you can move the media around with one hand. I use the nitrile gloves to avoid any lead dust or powder/primer residue.
  10. Lizard litter at big box pet supply or on line cheaper than the stuff sold by the reloader brands. Cut up a USED dry sheet into strips I fold em in half then cut into quarters. The purpose is to collect the dust and dirt that comes off the brass, You don't need fresh sheets as they don't work any better. But before that I add nu finish acrylic car polish to the media run the tumbler with out brass for 5/15 minutes to break up clumps caused by the polish. I generally add it to media after the last batch after removing the brass and then run my hand thru it to break up the clumps before the next
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