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  1. Leafy

    NEW US Made Magfed Shotgun...Coming Soon

    For you, you'd think it would be easier to take something that was dead nuts reliable like an 1100 and just put a tactical style stock on it. You're not really using the box mag part that makes these guns attractive, and if this mag is anything like mine then loading it for trap is a pita, I was never able to put two into the gun without pulling the mag out. If the 1100 is too heavy for you that damn versamax thing feel as light as my plastic fantastic ar-12.
  2. Leafy

    Trigger , Hammer, Disco and how they interface

    The biggest issue I had putting mine back together was the putting the trigger spring in like a normal AR didnt make any sense because it took way too much effort to install, No, thats the right way, the trigger spring is just designed for He-Man.
  3. I posted about chokes in the leader arms AR 12 thread. They appear to be Berretta Mobliechoke but I need to borrow one to find out for sure. The markings seems to also follow along with mobilechokes. 5 Marks is cylinder .725" 3 Marks is mod .705" 2 Marks is improved mod .700" 1 Mark is full .695"
  4. Leafy

    How do red dot sights do for shooting clay?

    I'm not sure you'd want to for birds. If you sight the red dot in for a certain range then you have to realize that it'll shoot below that point of aim when shooting closer and then shoot above point of aim when shooting further away until the pellets hit the top of their arc and then they'll go back down. If you sight it parallel to the bore it'll basically shoot ~2" below point of aim at any distance you're going to shoot birdshot at so you only have to remember to aim ~2" high all the time rather than think about how far the clay is away. My club thought my ar12 was the coolest thing ever when I brought it out (though probably the wrong tool for the job), right until it failed to eject the second round because I hadnt worked it over enough before taking it out.