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  1. Thanks for the input. I would eventually like to have both in my collection, but Im just not sure which may be harder to find in the future. Ive never actually seen a -94/95 for sale, several old adds but nothing current. Ive purchased a fixed stock SGL 31 and should have it in a couple weeks, also thought about installing a folding stock kit on it. But idk how difficult that would be and theres the risk of making a mistake on it, leaving a big mess.
  2. Please, I need help. I am new to this forum and need some advice. I have a Molot IV RPK .223 w/box,etc and I have someone offering me a Saiga Arsenal SGL31-95 5.45 in trade. At the top (or really close) of my want list is a Arsenal Legion SGL-94/95, but my Molot is currently one of center pieces of my collection and I hate to part with it. Ive only acctualy seen 3 or 4 of these for sale the last couple years, but never a -94/95. Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!
  3. I had a guy offer me one for trade, it had 2 holes above the pistol grip filled in with rivets. It was a Legion/Arsenal SGL and the only one that I have seen with those rivets that wasnt a 10 or 100 series (not sure if its 10 or 100) convert. Every other one I have seen either didnt have those holes or was welded over, but the guy didnt seem to know what I was talking about so idk. I do have a "professionaly" converted saiga with the holes welded and I cant tell.
  4. I too bought a S12 missing the bolt head about 2 years ago at the wanamaker show. It was brand new in the box for $400 (didnt realize at the time how hard this would be), they said it was received without one from their distributor. How the hell does something like that get lost?! R&R, I as well just messaged you before writing this post. I just joined and saw this posting. Im excited about the prospect of finally finding one after several years of checking GB, local shops and calling several importers. Thanks everyone for the info!!
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