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  1. Just to back what sickness said; these shotguns will expose weak links. I took this combo, as pictured above ,to zero it with full power 2 3/4 slugs and found out ky battery cap was slightly loose. The recoil from the slugs was causing the battery to loose contact.
  2. 'Just got my hands on this RS Regulate AKML mount that I purchased to use on my Tromix S17. As far as I am concerned, This mount is perfection. It can be tensioned to your weapon so that you get a tight fit and you can center the optic over the bore. It puts the optic really low and best of all it allows you to use the lightest and best red dot on the market on your AK/Saiga 12 etc. I pounded the crap out of it yesterday with a lot of 1600fps slugs and 3" 00buck with zero issues.
  3. The crap that people think about......It is a freakin gun.How about man up and shoot the thing and stop worrying about a scratch on it.
  4. Guys correct me if I am wrong but you shouldn't be able to loosen or tighten it,correct? That dimple in the threads is where it is pinned
  5. I am sitting back with high hopes for this gun.This gun wins on ergonomics but it will be a little while before we hear how reliable they are. Now several months have passed and no horror stories about one exploding. That said, this thing is a steal when compared to the $1400 guns legion is selling with lrbho and a top rail.
  6. They designed their magwell to retain the mag on those plastic ribs??WTF....
  7. What does the underside look like? Does it have a hole so the screw that goes into the gas block counter sinks? Also,are these in stock right now?
  8. Tony, Good to know. I am considering one for my gun. My father in law,who shipped his gun to you today for a s17 build,is looking at this rail too.
  9. I am in the same boat as 4layer. I want one for my Tromix S17 but how available are they and what does "fitting" involve?
  10. As for supressed guns,300 black out wins that category. A SBR'd AR with a good can and a few surefire 100 round mags would be good for rage zombies.
  11. Tromix makes a damn good zombie slayer
  12. Are you claiming that the russians have consistency and qc problems?
  13. You could paint that gun pink and it would still be badass. That is a nice looking set up.I really like that muzzle brake.
  14. RRice

    Florida shooters

    Was looking at defense pistol/shotgun course. I don't think something like this would run afoul of the law since Massad Ayoob runs a course up in Live Oak. Yeah....I don't know how "paramilitary" training is illegal here.Hell,the first Magpul Dynamics Carbine DVD was filmed right down the street from here and I know just about everyone in the DVD.There are all sorts of civilian training in this state.
  15. Evl,the cool thing about that SEPSA club is that they allow you to shoot "slug targets" with your handgun rather than using slugs.IMO,slug transitions are pointless.I have a rifle for that.That said,if you want to send the steel flying run that polychoke and #4 birdshot.Hell,run #4 and no choke.That stuff knocks everything down. Greg,what rail/top rail is that?
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