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  1. Got the shotgun today. Had no issue removing the bolt from the grip. Was tight but slowly was able to remove the bolt. Happy to finally get this so I can start shooting it
  2. I tell myself I was lucky to be offered this specific model Vepr from my gunsmith. He sold the shotgun to me for $850 new with 2 5rd mags. Before, I was only able to find fixed tubular stocks. With research, I found it to be a PITA to do stock swaps with the tubular stocks. So I'm greatful to buy the Vepr I did. Still haven't had time to go to my local FFL to pick up the shotgun. But I'll be picking up the shotgun tomorrow and I'll be taking a look at the grip screw. Not too worried about the grip replacement, just annoyed that it'll take so long.
  3. I'll probably get the KVAR stock to match my AKs stock.
  4. Thanks. I don't mind the issue of fitting required. I just didn't want to spend money on a stock and for it to finally arrived and me be SOL and deal with returning the stock. Just need to decide which stock to go with now... Appreciate the help...
  5. Awesome. Thank you. I was hoping to find a Saiga but the prices were too much in my opinion. But then again, there's a premium for banned weapons. But research on this site and others seemed to say the Vepr is better out of the box. My search then began for a Vepr and surprisingly my gunsmith had this Vepr for sale. Haven't gotten the shotgun from my local FFL yet but have already bought the ALG tromix trigger and I plan to replace the stock. Then I'll start the paper work and send my shotgun back to my gunsmith and have him cut the barrel down (haven't decided on length yet).
  6. New to Vepr's but I doubt where they modify the bolt would be an area that will fail over time. The bolt will still be beefy and robust...in my opinion.
  7. New to the forum and Vepr shotguns. Had a Saiga before but sold it for finances for bills. Went to buy a new Saiga and found out about the issue of importation. So, I bought a Vepr 12 with the wood stock after research said they're good out of the box. It seems that more people recommended the Vepr over the Saiga out of the box. I plan to buy a new stock but want to know for sure if it'll work. Are AK stocks compatable with the Vepr? For example, can I buy either a KVAR fixed stock or the new Magpul AK stocks? From the research I've done, RPK furniture can be used for the handguard with fitting. I haven't seen a thread about AK stock compatability.I've searched several pages but haven't found anything. Seems that more people have tubular stocks. Glad to have found this forum. Nervous about the pistol grip replacement. Guess it isn't as easy as aneeded AKyle grip replacement. Here is a picture of my new Vepr
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