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    if im not workin, im huntin, if i cant hunt, im fishin.
  1. thanks everyone for replying i just checked out the tromix website. the first saiga12 i seen a few weeks ago, didnt looked all sooped up like those from tromix. those are freakin awesome! thats exactly what i was looking for. im just another hunter/shooter enjoying my freedom. this is a kickass website! -Brandon
  2. a few weeks ago i just found out about the Saiga shotguns. i cant believe i was gonna buy a new shotgun and put a side winder 10 round drum on it. i went to the pawn shops and they dont carry these guns and they can get them either, or they say. i live in a rual area. 17+miles to the nearest town. i live on 25 acres bordering the national forest and theres some people messing around my place at night. all i got is my .45 and my deer rifles. i seen this Saiga shot gun and this is exactly what i need for my home defense. where did you buy your shotgun? where can i buy a brand new one? any help is greatly appricated thanks, Brandon
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