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  1. Thanks a bunch to the info I found on this forum I now have my Saiga 12 ready to SBS once my stamp comes through. It has been submitted just over 3 months now, so any day I should be getting it back. I wanted to share some pictures. This is just a gloss over of the work involved but I wanted to post. This took so long, one because I am waiting on a stamp and, Two because I work 2 jobs. So here is a pictorial of my build: When I bought it used it had already been converted with a bolt hold open installed I wanted to go 12" and base on info here I decided the right thing t
  2. great. One more question. Should I weld up the relief hole on the side of the gas block? I have read yes and no
  3. Thanks, I have another plug coming
  4. Hi, New guy here, I signed up when I picked up a Saiga 12 and decided to SBS it my self. Typical of my character I am willing to take the harder road in order to get better results and this sight has helped me through the process. Here is the point I am at. I moved the gas block back 2.250" welded up the old gas ports re drilled 4 new ports at .073 each. I have the gas block and a Tromix short gas tube and bolt carrier extension installed. I still have the original puck in it and the bolt carrier is making contact with the puck. My question is: How much end play should I have between
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