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  1. Yep, it was just my own ignorance and the junk ammo I was trying to use.
  2. Yes, I have been using setting 2 for the weaker loads. Yes, it runs the hotter ammo just fine on setting 1, it runs the 1200 fps Federal Multi-purpose perfect, the ammo I had been trying to use before posting was the Winchester Universal, those did not run very well at all.
  3. Well, by lighter spring, I meant it felt lighter, the spring was out of my other Saiga that functioned perfect, which was a completely stock Saiga, so it was a factory spring, I will take your advice and keep reading, also the action is a lot smoother than it was out of the box after working the action and shooting around a couple hundred rounds.
  4. Well, I have been reading and researching everything that I could, I just decided to try to change the spring and try some different ammo. Took it out today with the lighter spring and Federal Bulk pack from walmart and it was 100% reliable, I guess it was just a really heavy spring and the junky Winchester bulk ammo.
  5. Got the paper clip to go through the gas ports, so they are clear now, went out ant tried to shoot it again, same problem, the action is pretty smooth as well, I have no clue what to do, it just does not cycle.
  6. I had recently purchased a new Saiga 12 from www.K-var.com, the SGL12-08 imported by the FIME Group. Waited about a week and picked it up at my local FFL, took it out and shot it 2 days in a row and nothing but Federal High Brass was working, thought maybe a good cleaning would work and decide to take a look at the gas ports. Got it apart, looked at the gas ports, there were 3 gas ports visible from inside the gas tube and inside the barrel, so I used a paperclip to see if they were clear. Some how the gas port holes were completely filled with something, tried to clean it and there was no way to clear the holes. So, somehow, somebody drilled the holes and they got filled back in at some point, I am baffled, this was a brand new Saiga 12. I contacted FIME Group and I am going to be shipping it to them for repair. Let me know if anybody else has ever had this problem, haven't seen it talked about anywhere on here yet. Also this is not my only Saiga 12, I have a IZ109 that runs flawlessly with the cheap Walmart stuff, the gas ports on it are clear.
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