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  1. Trump is cool and all, for energizing the base and conservatives, but I simply don't trust him when it comes to supreme court stuff. There are probably going to be FOUR replacements during this next term. Frankly, that is what will matters most "long term". You can almost see the drool from any liberal with a lawsuit waiting for it.
  2. You're kidding right? Their criminals for taking up arms? Standing against govt over reach and bringing to public attention of the govt land grab. Forcing families from their livelihood, family lands. For what supposed endangered species? Do you not see the govt over reach? They only got 6yrs? Your fucking blind or ignorant. They served time for this already. There's something called double jeopardy. The feds stepping in to make examples of them IS NOT OK! What ever happened to the protesters that threw rocks at police,set fires to public and personal property in Ferguson? And other recent peaceful protests? NOTHING!!! Why because they felt injustice? If this where reversed and the black,brown or Muslim was killed what looks to be in good blood there would be a shit storm. But sounds like your OK with it as long as it's some redneck rancher Jump to conclusions much? You do realize he was talking about the people "just arrested" looking at 6 years, right? I'm fairly sure the Bundy's and the others recently arrested haven't already served their time prior to taking over the refuge. Dont pick on blind people. As for the Hammonds, I think its total BS for the forcing them to return and complete their 5 year sentences and get them out of the picture. Let alone I don't think the BLM should ever have the authority or ability to force or create 'first right of refusal' orders.
  3. Yes grabbed for waist.... however a counterpoint I've read in the multitude of debates out there is that he was shot in the gut/side and thus arms went down. Then conflicting arms up commands and he was turning when the guy in back shot him as he turned. Probably a head shot. Normally, I would dismiss that as simply conjecture, but one tidbit of evidence presented he was "not" going for a gun, was someone pointed out the holster for his .45 is on his right side from previous news footage. So I guess the questions would be....the fbipress conference said that they recovered a 'semi-automatic from his "inside panel pocket" on that side. But I'd have to ask, who cross draws into a jacket pocket? (check footage of him climbing the phone pole removing the camera and a couple times afterward as well underneath jacket). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hekbZiE-jY (Edit...however, after more research, I found in his 'last interview' the day before, he did have a shoulder holster on his left side sitting in a chair. But they said pocket, so who knows?).
  4. The man killed was LaVoy Finicum, the old guy who was the mild mannered spokesman for that group. Now he's dead, and I certainly doubt by his demeanor that it was through any violent action of his own.
  5. Safety Harbor "SHTF" 50 is a no-go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXGwk2EH1CQ Stick with good products when firing artillery.
  6. http://usuncut.com/news/armed-militia-members-take-over-federal-building-in-oregon/ Well, more ammo for the Left Agenda. "Ironic" timing I say.
  7. Those bastards! Thanks for the heads up! .... let us know what form refund comes in and response time.
  8. From what I read, photo was from iTele French TV and it was reported to be AK47 hits. Someone has to walk point. That has to be max pucker-factor right there though.
  9. Saw this in my newsfeed (Marine Grunts page) .... Shield of the first French Spec Ops officer to enter the Bataclan theater in Paris. Brass balls
  10. The mind of a lib has to determine if the customer went there with intention to shoot anyone that ruined their shopping experience.
  11. More cleaning out of safe. Going in different direction, so this is chance for one stop shopping. Only listing here for you guys first shot, but will put on GB if no interest. This is an Arsenal Legion SGL31-44 (chrome lined brake), not a FIME. Got this rifle summer 2009. Maybe 3 mags put through it, cleaned, and a safe queen for all intent. Its in prime condition and hand chosen by me. Everything is perfect straight. Extremely accurate. Even have original box/paperwork. I don't like gouging, so price will reflect it at 1300. Ammo...all 7N6: (1080)...1 sealed spam (300)....in 10x 30rnd loaded mags (10).....in 1x 10rnd mag (510)....on 34 loaded stripper clips (they hold 15 each) (360)....12 of 7N6 paper wrapper packs =2260 rnds $410 for all the ammo. Fair price. With cost of shipping that weight can't go less. $80 for all the stripper clips/2 chargers. Yep they go with it. US Palm AK Attack Rack V1 It holds 4 mags up front, 3 inside (7). Also has pistol mag pouches, but I use those for my misc. items. Great for a grab-n-go. Figure about 160 AK74 bayonet (Bulgarian if I recall)...about 40 I guess. MAGS: 17 Russian Plum magazines (Izzy -not Tula). I only keep reliable mags. These are it. Many with same mold stamp. Side note: Avg is 40 for Tulas, and 50 per Izhmash mag. I'm selling all in the bundle for "as if" 30/each. Again, I don't like gouging. ($510 total, instead of 680 or 850) **10 are in 2 mag bags that hold 5 each. Ammo from those would be bagged for shipping of course. 7 are in the chest rig. Tossing in some extras... AK74 LULA Sling/Mint Cleaning kit/oil bottle/shell extractor 10 rnd original mag. MD Arms grip (arsenal grip still included). Long story short: $2500 ...Yeah it adds up. Worth more I know but that's my bottom line price I'll deal with. Rifle will only ship to an FFL (and they have to accept from Non-FFL). Ammo/mags and all the rest I'll ship direct (where legal). Buyer pays shipping. PP is fine. PM with questions. Enjoy the pics. More pics...
  12. Reminds me of a vid I saw once a while back..... Conrete tubes and bulk paper. Hiding in plain sight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvGP7ZQ3ixo
  13. heard on news 13 dead.... one witness on news (a girl from in the room) saying that the shooter lined people up and asked religeon. If said christian, got shot in head. If no answer or something else, got shot in leg. Also, heard police haven't released name of the turd yet despite being killed.
  14. I agree with a few things from that post. All for a reasonable rational and logical approach. If someone uses a weapon prop like an actual firearm, they should be charged as if they had one. Etc. No problem with stuff like that. Common sense. I just don't like when people (states) change/redefine things to skirt around other laws or make them applicable when they should not be. ....its akin to using politically correct terms to me. They "feel good" calling it a firearm. But there has to be a standard where that stops, and asinine begins....like suspending a kid over a poptart gun a while back.
  15. I do agree about this stance. If state passed the law, then that is that. Fed should not be involved, or let their nose into the tent as you put it.
  16. So what is your point, is it to infer that the state's courts/laws are wrong and that the Fed/ATF definition should be used? Lets wait several years and see what their state Supreme Court says on the case... If they take it. Are you just having a bad day or what? My point was to provide more information about a topic. No idea what your point is except you like to pick apart information. I'll keep it simple. Fed law, state law, local law. ... I'm sure you don't mind when state law overrides in "your favor" when a local/county/city ordnance prohibits magazine capacity. So of course, state law trumps local in a few ways. On that note, some Fed laws trump state laws. Some we favor, some we don't. Question is if someone will fight a "state issue" all the way to the Supreme Court....and even then, its gamble. I'm all for state's rights. I think all of us on this forum in one form or another are very liberty minded. If they want to call a BB gun a firearm then so be it. I say they're idiots. If colorado wants to have mag capacity laws and magpul moved out of the state, that's just how it goes for them as well. They did it to themselves. Based on your stance, you'd be ok with that state saying a slingshot is a firearm. Fires a hell of a lot faster and is multi-caliber. IF ONLY THERE WAS A WAY TO PREVENT "MOB RULE"? Fed law DOES have its place. And yeah, the alphabet gang has its place as well in there. Because those same states eventually feed upon themselves, and those so-called "I didn't vote for that" people eventually are refugees into another state. Oh, and guess what? They like all those 'feel good' votes. Imagine that. What does that have to do with anything? Not much. But its not a debate anyway because I don't live in Minnesota, and not part of that 'mob'.
  17. Said thats how they ruled on it when presented to them, and how they defined a firearm. Didnt say they mandated it on down from the mountain.
  18. It should be noted that batf ruled in 2005 about similar issues with paintball guns.... "The paintball gun examined by ATF is not a “firearm” as defined, because it does not, is not designed to, and may not be readily converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive and does not utilize the frame or receiver of a firearm."
  19. If I recall, the atf does have an actual description on what does constitute a firearm... (paraphrasing) has to fire a "cartridge" that uses -case, primer, propellant, shot/bullet.
  20. LOL.... I think I want to borrow this for a fb post. Spot on with my thoughts as well.
  21. To say don't run, or just obey, ...essentially says to me they are justified to shoot you if you flee. I do not agree with that for anything that is non-violent crime and unarmed. The only reason I can see shooting someone fleeing is if they are a danger to society, armed, and active crime in progress or similar (murderer/rapist/armed mugger trying to escape). People in the world have a fight or filght instinct and it can happen in any given situation to anyone, anytime. There are several examples of 'high speed chases' where an otherwise upstanding citizen flee over a simple ticket. Seen reports/reasons like that when LA chase videos were all the craze. Some simply panic. I'm all for cooperating and dealing with it in court if an officer is in the wrong. Thats what the courts are for. Not the point I'm making, which is that non-threats should not be shot as a means of apprehension. Its one thing if someone is fleeing with knife in hand (threat to others/society/self) and running away because officer drew on him "in case he might be armed" and the person panics.
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