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  1. Considering mine says "made in Russia", it came from there somewhere along the way. I don't mind the small extra price for closer distributors on products like this. Its the 100++ I see for 10 rounders on ebay that bother me (knowing you "can" get them for 50-65 if you wait).
  2. Hey hey Just picked up a rail last week from Gilbertsguns.... fast shipping I might add (like next day....then again, Im up near Cincinnati. Still not bad for $60.26 total) Perfect fit too. I got this 2nd one while waiting on my Tromix (figured, why not ). The rail is solid...so it might migrate to that once it gets here though. And yes, other options are on the way to mount on there.
  3. Well if SHTF... <---avatar says it all. And if you don't have an arsenal of sorts (options), good to be on the side of those who do. On that note: I'm on Tony's side.
  4. Im in the Cinci area. I bought a Saiga12 from a gun show (and I'm also waiting for my Tromix as well...yeah, so I'll have 2). Try Target World up on Kemper Road. They suggest and will transfer from Blaine at Atlantic Firearms and also from Tony R. at Tromix As for the law. I heard that what passed in December has to do with the magazine capacity laws and CCW while in a car etc. Essentially its to get everyone on the same page and not be caught on local ordinances for something they merely bought from a store 3 miles up the road~! What was happening was that city/town restricti
  5. Sell you on the Saiga... hmmm... All great points above. I suppose my pic will explain the rest.
  6. That might be a good idea for a section around here.... "whats wrong with this picture"? or "The lighter side of gunsmithing". ~S
  7. Well done. Learning a lot from this forum
  8. lol.... I was caught up on IndyArms I'll have to look at the whole SBS issue later on I think. One of those "eventually" things.
  9. I went with a the standard conversion of 18.5 or so and then a couple extras for personal taste like the shark brake. Not sure on the laws out here in Ohio as yet since I only moved here a couple years ago. Love the look of a 10" though. That's one of the selling points why I went with Tony for my 1st. I figure if you're going to get one, he certainly has the reviews thus far as to not make you something that doesnt meet the legal specs. For me, I didnt want some chop job, or attempt to do it myself -and THEN find out I didnt meet some law somewhere. Or do it wrong and have it blow up in
  10. My bologna has a first name, its O-S-C-A-R...My ........ wait....how does the "catsup" song go again? ....oh yeah.
  11. I ordered mine on the 19th. Wasn't me. (I pieced together my pic on what it's going to look like). If I did call, it would probably be only to change the handguard to the one with the picatinny rail on the bottom (been debating that). I'd rather wait and have it done right -by the right person to do the job, than rush or pester about things like time tables. I'm a firm believer in specialists. There's gunsmiths, then there's Tromix. Which would you prefer when it really counts? I researched a lot on these weapons. After firing a Tromix, like I said before -a done deal. He could say
  12. The bullpup looks nice in that pic. Too bad I'm a "lefty". Oh well for me. I wonder how loud that would be being right next to your ear though. Yikes. ~S
  13. Spoke with Tony from Tromix today and finalized my order. A few orders ahead of mine, but its worth the wait in my opinion. ~S
  14. I've been interested in the Saiga 12 for about the past month or so. Been pricing things out for mods and discussing with a dealer friend of mine who owns one. Funny thing how test firing makes a difference. Tonight I went to the shop for some range time (indoor) and stuff. I met a few of his friends and one of them just happened to have their saiga 12 right there. (Tromix folder with Galil handguard and HK sites). He offered to let me pop off 10 on the range........ I knew I was going to get one soon -but after that it was no question. Done deal! When I got home, I went back to T
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