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  1. Just saw this. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20150213/batfe-to-ban-common-ar-15-ammo
  2. All sold. Payment received. Shipping out tomorrow. Thanks all for looking. More stuff sooner or later.
  3. Little price drop. Aimpoint Micro T-1 $450 Ultimak $75 7n6 case $420 Offer up for the week, then I'll find other uses for it.
  4. Didn't come with a mag? Sheesh, some people. HAHAHAHA
  5. Need to raise some funds. Aimpoint T-1 Micro (4 MOA). Original box and what came with it. Mounted a couple times; going different setup. Mint condition $500 shipped. Ultimak M1-B. Mounted once, fired perhaps 2 mags through it one day. Decided different setup. Cleaned and essentially still new. $90 shipped Have an extra case (2 spam cans) of 5.45 Russian 7N6 I'll part with. No pic (we all know what a spam can/crate looks like). Not sure what shipping will cost. Figuring 200/can +shipping is fair/below whats out there. $450 shipped for the case (2 spam cans). Not splitting it.
  6. For trigger pull improvement/upgrade 5.5lbs? Looks like this just coming out. Might be a winner. Just passing along. Goes into some interesting detail on the design improvement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsB4kkBJzeI
  7. Not a dime to pizza hut since they fired a delivery driver with ccw after he shot an armed robber who put a gun to his head on a delivery setup.
  8. Can't cite more than 15 rounds to defend yourself? Why didn't the lawyer didnt throw this in the Judge face to get it on record. Ugh Hey Judge, the 2A doesnt talk about (defense/sporting etc) .... its about Security of a Free State, and the Rights of the People shall not be infringed. Its not that hard. However, here are some examples for the record.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_conflicts_in_the_United_States
  9. Sort of mixed on the really lightweight models. On one hand, it can mean other gear or even more ammo, or just being more nimble. On the other, I sort of like having some mass/weight there for repeat shots. It doesnt have any kick of course, but its just something I wonder about. Then again, lighter weight can be good for quick snapshots too. I suppose in the end doesn't matter to me much. I prefer my Arsenal 74.
  10. Yes....I was referring to the safety mod for a Glock that has to modify and it prevents trigger pull or striker to fall. More or less adds a thumb safety to it. I knew what you were getting at. For thumb safety types, I still fall back upon a Beretta. That's more a training favoritism there. Just too bulky/heavy for daily stuff. But that goes into the whole 1911 vs Glock vs Beretta (or whatever else) debate. All boils down to whats been said before. What works for you given the need and skillset etc.
  11. I've seen similar slide safety type devices for Glock etc. Not terribly impressed with those or the modifications involved. As mentioned, at that point, might as well carry something with a thumb safety. I settled with the trigger button because it doesn't get in the way should I decide to leave it off or on for an extra level. It adapted well with how I like to carry, and is seamless to me while practicing with it over the years. side note: I've gone "hard" on it numerous times disengaging it, and there's no trigger pull pushing on a sideways button. None. Simple mechanics.
  12. "when your finger needs to move to the trigger"... Whatever, Monty. You're so full of assumption and what if. What if someone beats you down and grabs it from you as you draw in a CQ situation where you weren't able to create the distance and that's the hand you're dealt? The guy can't pull the trigger, might buy you time to continue the fight, maybe. Or, while not the case/education/or situation here, some less trained guy has kids and for whatever reason sets it down or stores in a nightstand and the kid comes snooping? Yeah, accidental kid deaths happen too right? Theorize or troll If you l
  13. If you're not competent enough to carry a Glock, then why buy one? Go buy a springfield with 25 different ways to make sure you don't fire your weapon. I personally don't want any more devices than necessary to keep me from sending one (or more) down range. My whole family is carrying unmolested Glocks with zero issues. We all know to keep our finger off the trigger until go time though. Marine and very competent, thank you very much. Please note: "Button engage is right there along the way when your finger needs to move to the trigger" I just like the extra piece of mind be
  14. Glocks are fine for CCW ...if concerned about ND and AD, install a Siderlock trigger. I have one on my 19 and it stays cocked/locked with confidence. Button engage is right there along the way when your finger needs to move to the trigger. Press, and go. Button direction reversible as well. The stock trigger isnt a safety, just an anti-creep device. Personally, I think The Siderlock, and XS Bigdots were the best upgrades I've made to my Glock. No nonsense. If anything, its added support for your defense case you'd surely have (as opposed to someone who changes to a 'hair trigger', for example
  15. A) Version 3 Kobra sight (from KalinkaOptics). Takes a CR2 battery and is mounted sideways (less shock) -Rare model. Fast attach lever mount. Complete kit -hard hood, tool, pouch. All 4 reticles of course. Excellent condition. $400 shipped. SOLD B ) Version 2 Kobra sight. (from KalinkaOptics). Takes the CR2325 battery (I have a few spares) mounted under front glass area.Mount is a thumb screw style. A little wear and tear but works fine (same 4 reticles and adjustment features). Never came with hood, so none with it. $280 shipped SOLD C) Side mount. Modified to slip on from side and for
  16. I own a redjacket BMF-AK suppressor (7.62). ... Its based on the Russian design if I recall and meant for both 47 and 74. Works fairly well on the 5.45 Its got one hell of a expansion chamber before the baffles. Although it knocks down a lot of the boom, you still have the sonic crack of course. Might be some noise from gas tube I'm sure but I've never noticed. Down range is where the advantage is anyway. No boom, just the sonic crack. Keep in mind, no flash is the largest benefit (in my opinion). Also the construction is important. Yeah, steel is heavier, but can it handle a higher volu
  17. Having a 4moa T1 out forward on an ultimak is not the same as having the 4moa T1 on a rail in front of your eye.
  18. My favorite here is the Saiga Legion 74, and have about 17 russian plum mags (stocked years ago before panic). Also have a 30cal can packed full with strippers. Its excellent grab and go. Several spam cans long term. Loading at range is awesome because its 15 rounds/stripper. Rounds won't fall off without using the charger (most annoying thing about other clips are loose rounds). Make sure you get a couple chargers. Keep one tied inside a pouch and the other in the ammo can.
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