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  1. I have same issues you originally described with my eyes. I know its probably astigmatism but I'm in denial a little still (43 here). I get the same blur effect with everything you mentioned. I have a Micro T-1 and its blury to me once into the higher brightness settings. "Crisp" to me is anything night-low-medium, or if I squint for medium-high. Anything above 8 there is a bloom effect to me, but I think its supposed to for the brightest settings for fast close quarter combat, and not used for precision/range things.
  2. I'll stick to JHP .... im actually liking the new USM4 ammo though. Side note....if ever hit by one, "field surgery" would probably be easier. lol
  3. I have 3 cases 7n6 from AIM back when it was about 90/can, 180/case or so. Best part was no shipping because it was within driving range I agree, AIM is definitely fair for prices compared to most.
  4. I have 2 of the reverse ASU clear stamp covers (keeping my drum though which is using a normal clear/normal smoke). Mike knows for sure, but I think only 5 are in existence? ASU(1) / ASU(2) / USA
  5. That was the talk for the longest time for Truckee and north of there to secede and become part of Nevada. Wish they would.
  6. whatmanual

    Bho problems

    Really good hahaha.
  7. If no law restricting it in state or local area for your item, you can always have the ATF make the decision -without signature. But you have to document that you attempted to follow the process. For example, the Sheriff in my county doesnt 'believe' people should have suppressors...even though it was perfectly legal in the County/State I was in. Ok then. I asked an NFA collector friend and was told.....If the Sheriff won't sign, note the dates/times. Then try local police chief. If denied a signature there as well, make note (dates/times), and send to ATF making notes and cite the laws. The
  8. Missed out on it, but sent a note to my brother earlier, he got a can Not a total loss at least.
  9. A) Version 3 Kobra sight (from KalinkaOptics). Takes a CR2 battery and is mounted sideways (less shock) -Rare model. Fast attach lever mount. Complete kit -hard hood, tool, pouch. All 4 reticles of course. Excellent condition. $400 shipped. B ) Version 2 Kobra sight. (from KalinkaOptics). Takes the CR2325 battery (I have a few spares) mounted under front glass area.Mount is a thumb screw style. A little wear and tear but works fine (same 4 reticles and adjustment features). Never came with hood, so none with it. $280 shipped. PENDING C) Side mount. Modified to slip on from side and forward j
  10. Both are complete (I original boxes somewhere). Both have spare batteries in the pouches A) Its a rarer later generation Version 3 Kobra sight (got from KalinkaOptics years ago). Takes a CR2 battery and is mounted sideways (less shock). Fast attach lever mount. Has all 4 of the reticles and also the hard hood, and tool in pouch $450 shipped. B ) This is a version 2 Kobra sight. (also from Kalinka). Takes the CR2325 battery (I have a few spares) mounted under front glass area. This has a thumb screw style mount on it. A little wear and tear but works flawless (same 4 reticles and adj
  11. Don't take it as gospel but here it goes (I'm sure others will add/correct me). 1st, make absolutely sure its legal in the jurisdiction you're moving to. You cannot exactly take your full auto to California I think. 2nd, make absolutely sure you have a SECURE chest/safe/case that is rock solid and absolutely nobody other than you has access to it. A SAFE is your best bet. Again, NOBODY can have access to it except you. I "believe" that if they have a safe, and you store it inside and its LOCKED UP in a case where they cannot access it, that is ok too. Must be zero chance for someon
  12. 7N6. I found out yesterday that the commercial 5.45 ammo does not have the so-called "steel penetrator" that causes the rapid tumbling in flesh. (They have the air pocket, but not the steel penetrator, or so it seems). The bullet will still tumble, just not as quickly. Consequently, it will be less lethal. In addition, the 7N6 is cheap, and I've been able to get very good groups from it at the range. You just have to make sure to clean the gun after using it, but it's no big deal. It will still tumble just fine. Maybe even better since most non-surplus ammo is a higher grain.
  13. Picked up 1 of 2 that made it to the local place I shop (friend got the other one). Just FYI that Arsenal has the SGL31 now. Pricey...but worth it. ~S
  14. Simple... Hold out your left hand. Now hold out your right. ....THAT'S ALL YOU GOT! What do you want to have in your hands if it's really on the line? (or hit the hills/mad max/insert whatever reasoning here). I have plenty of stuff in the safe. Plenty of things to go have fun with. But I also have particular "go to" items. Just like some people would have various types of hand guns in the safe, but a particular reliable and effective gun for conceal carry, there's a difference.
  15. If I recall from my previous research (please don't hold it against me), the IR sight is like a filter. This one only appears to be a lit reticle version. Also, the finish is very dark. This could be a "Belarus" or something. If I recall on those, they are the ones they get exported when they don't meet the milspec standards over there. Blemishes or flaws etc. Well, something like that...just generally lesser quality. Normally the fastest way to identify an "IR filter" PSO scope is the switch. Research the Dragunov rifles. Some people sell them with the "original scope" and some do
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