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  1. The SGL10 and SGL20 are both "legions" made in Russia. SGL10 is imported in the unconverted configuration. You could convert just like the regular way we do and have the holes (or have Tromix or Redjacket etc do them and weld over them). All the important stuff (receiver, gas blocks, front sight block etc) are all factory. SGL20 is the same darn thing but already converted from the factory (or so I've read). Just doesnt have the brake up front). Its less expensive to get this one than it would be to have your SGL10 bought and professionally converted. Essentially, they are b
  2. While safety is of utmost importance, you should also consider legal issues as well. Depending on the state, firing from the bed of your truck could be considered illegal (firing from a vehicle). Might want to look that one up. You never know who will be driving up to see what all the noise is about....then want to get technical on you. It no different then being technical on how you transport them etc. Just saying. Great to see people out having fun enjoying their 2nd Amendment rights responsibly. Always. ~S
  3. You'll shoot your eye out kid... ~~~~~~~~~~ I would suggest looking at the bird bomb design and/or ask the folks that make them. They certainly would have the info. ~S
  4. I wrote the guy and even though I had a few questions (shell length etc.), his reply was simple: had 20 ALL sold.
  5. One of the few things that prevent me from buying one of these PSL 54C (or any PSL) is the scope. I'm a lefty and the scope when mounted is left of center. I'd like essentially the same scope...but something that is positioned on the centerline that will clear the irons I "suppose" I could do the normal picatinny side rail and find a picatinny scope version....but its really a tough call. Not really the same thing to me. I like the reticle they have and want to get a lit reticle too. Oh well. Food for thought. Nice round though. ~S
  6. semi- PKM should be fine Seriously though. There will come a flash point with all this legislation. I mean, I read/hear a lot of people all over always say they won't give them up (cold dead hands etc), but turn right around and position themselves for the next retreat. i.e. "I gotta downgrade to a pump" (for example). (sarcasm) Where does it stop? Rimfire only? Slingshots? Crap...I better get that high powered air rifle when my long arm is outlawed. Price will certainly go up for non-laser engraved BB's for sure! I bet long as I pay my yearly "fee" on time, I can keep more than
  7. Collector Interest Nothing more. Nothing less. That's my reason and I was approved. After all, you'll have a nice item in the safe collection. ~S
  8. One hell of a 1st post! I'd say I hate you...but I have a Tromix. It keeps a smile inside Congrats! Great deal! ~S
  9. Nope... Cheney is the top suspect according to some Intel Analysis circulating out there. All of this is a neo-con agenda thing which Brzezinski detests. You had both Bush and Putin out of country at the same time for the opening ceremony of Olympics. Furthermore, Cheney said aggression against Georgia "must not go unanswered." ...to fan the flames (he lit) a little more. Oh, and BVAMP, I currently know a few Russian prior military as well (Naval Infantry etc). Don't let the word "Spetsnaz" equate to something uber or commando -its really not. Perhaps in his case but just saying "no
  10. Ah, Georgia hatin' on us. Got it. I missed the Georgia guys calling us a-holes etc a while back then. But I do know they wanted to be NATO (rejected for now)...guess they didnt want it bad enough. George always looks that way. Even when they say they're out of Diet Coke.
  11. Only by you... Was that comment directed to me? Can't tell....I would hope not. Anyway, for the record, I personally think that Russia has the right to do what they're doing. Its like if Iran attacked across the border our troops in Iraq... not only would be beat them back, but would go after the emplacements that did the launching or staging. However, civilian bombing though is certainly not something I approve of. I was pointing out the fact that this could grow into something much larger than just a border skirmish. Much much larger. After all, The Security Council ha
  12. I'm sure we can all read the news (from around the world to get a "better" picture of course). Essentially, Russia moved into the South Ossetia to support the break away province (and had peace keepers there already). Georgia had its disputes with South Ossetia and its unclear "who" broke a cease fire. BUT, when Russia crossed what Georgia considers it's border, they decided to attack the Russian forces. So yes, Georgia shot 1st.... and now that this has happened, Russia is taking the stance that it will defend its citizens (90% of South Ossetia people carry Russian passports -which R
  13. What a snob comment. Heaven forbid the mere single drum peasants own businesses or contribute to society. I'm quite confident quite a number on here either own a business, make middle class income or better, or at least have solid "careers" instead of mere jobs. Show some class. ~S
  14. +1 on the LOC. I personally think that opinion is accurate. If they cashed it, it should be a deal and would cost them more in court (interstate commerce and small claims wouldnt be cheap) to argue against the agreement (unless they had a disclaimer or something). If its a hold, its like in escrow and either party should be able to back out if the circumstances change from the original deal. As for proving a bait and switch...probably not that hard. Just show the advertisement and the disclaimers (if any). Thats shows the intent "at the time" of sale. Most people work through this ty
  15. Mount mount mount... Are you talking the mount that the scope? Or the rail on the receiver? Anyway... Do a search for Tantal and you'll find his site. Send him an email...usually has about any mount (or rail) you can imagine, and they're accurate for the AK type/year. Or you could do a simple search on ebay for SAIGA and you'll see various things -but also some side mounts or rails etc. Or you can search for Kalinka Optics and you'll find some stuff there. ...and so forth. ~S
  16. Because some pussies just never stop bleeding, no matter how many tampons you shove into them. Yep, I agree.
  17. HOLD ON a moment.... Changing bolt for testing might result in headspace issues. Not sure how headspace is for the shotguns, but in others (like AR series or whatever) its a no no to simply swap and go without "at least" checking. I would think you will be fine though. Safety first Oh, and Tantal has dust covers I got a spare from him before (not that it will ever need to be used). ~S
  18. Tony Rumore at Tromix.com or Will at Redstick-Firearms.com Only 2 I trust with builds. Both usually have waiting lists though. Worth every moment. There are some great gunsmith's that tiy can find to make you great range guns, competition guns, home defense guns, hunting and so forth.... . ..but only those 2 guys I trust with SHTF or TEOTWAWKI guns that I would head to the hills with. my 5 cents (inflation). ~Steve
  19. Talk to Tantal He has spare Saiga 12 parts (here and there). I think based on my last "inventory" list (in an email early June) he might have what you need. I was checking for spare parts (springs/extractor or whatever) and I think he only has the top covers and complete bolt assembly in stock (its a take-off). (looked it up in my email for you): Saiga-12 bolt assembly, complete, take-off but near new, serialized $49.95 (+ shipping $4.90) IN STOCK Of course.... you only need the firing pin components inside So that might be the way to go. I dont know if its still in stock or
  20. Cease Fire! Lane 8, please use another weapon or move to the shotgun range. Reset of targets doesn't = "pull". Got it? Ok...prepare for targets. Targets up! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM sigh CEAAAAASE FIRE!
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