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  1. Not so difficult really... "Sometimes" there are closer targets on the range. Registrant: Domains by Proxy, Inc. DomainsByProxy.com 15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 United States Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com) Domain Name: KINGARMS.COM Created on: 19-Apr-04 Expires on: 19-Apr-13 Last Updated on: 19-Mar-08 Administrative (and Technical) Contacts: Private, Registration KINGARMS.COM@domainsbyproxy.com Domains by Proxy, Inc. DomainsByProxy.com 15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353 Scottsdale, Arizon
  2. From their website: DESCRIPTION: Tromix Shark Muzzle Brake. Built Material: Steel Thread: 14mm anti-clockwise Weight: 90g ~~~~~~~~~ Hmm... pic shows an AR 5.56 barrel yet its a counter clockwise 14? That's for like AK series stuff. Not only did they screw up with infringement (unless Tony says otherwise), they're going to annoy a great number of people ordering it for their airsoft AR's.
  3. They have to be modded when you introduce a bolt hold open lever. You also "sometimes" have to take the dremmel out and polish the axis pins diameter down a little bit so they go through the holes of the trigger group. Past that, its a nice group and you can really tune it well and then set it in place without much worry at all for it changing. I would strongly suggest not adjusting it so loose that you fire (slip) when releasing the trigger (it can happen if you go THAT loose). Just take the bolt/carrier out and play with the trigger group and make sure you leave enough tolerance fo
  4. for 5.45x39 I have 8 bakelite 30 rounders (Mostly East German if I recall, some bulgy I think) and 2 bakelite 45 rounders (Bulgy). Probably going to place on the WTS forum. I also have like 16 Russian plum mags in 5.45x39 ...but not parting with those. Naolith is correct. That front lug is where you always need to keep an eye on when picking out your mags. Crisp corners = good. Worn = bad. ~S
  5. Heh... A shotgun wedding. "Bada-bump". Looks great Tony!
  6. Hehehe... a punisher graphic on the AGP mag. I like it
  7. whatmanual


    Juggernaut: Smaller Boards? Don't you know who I YAM? ........ Yeah, a smaller board when you really look at the numbers. But just like the Spartans, in CQB we reign! wall-o-death. ~S
  8. Although its a 7.62x39 section... you said attention getter: S-12 Big guy training his girlfriend how to shoot a glock the booth (indoor range) next to mine. I even said to him, its gonna get loud...he payed no mind but didnt see me pull out the Tromix from the case. His comment after my 10 buckshots (fast) : "Jesus man, I nearly crapped myelf". Most expressions are "whoa". Some shocked, some gasping, but some smiles with a big thumbs up. Essentially, its like the movie Saving Private Ryan when you see the 20mm roll around the corner...various pistol fire then a deep....boom
  9. I'll grab the pitchforks...someone get the torches.
  10. ....or as my Russian friend says: Yeah there's 7.62x39, and then 7.62x51......then there's 7.62xR'OH MY GOD~! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (personally, I prefer the 5.45x39)
  11. The best upgrade hands down is simply the "conversion" (922r compliant of course). That says it all. Past that, I would have to say the Tromix Shark Brake. That motivator tip and blast deflection is simply the best. ~S
  12. whatmanual

    9mm ak

    I'll bring it up with Will next weekend at the bash. Heading there with Redbear. I would think he meant that's the labor cost. ~S
  13. Hahahhaa.... is that "Low Brass"? (J/K of course) All in all, sweet looking queen for sure!
  14. Got my RPK74 a year ago or so. Shoots golf ball size groups at a 100. Good enough for me I suppose. For a day of fun I carry 8 of the K-Var 45 rounders and have a couple bakelite 45 rounders spare in the pack. Or simply 10 regular 30 rounders (5 each side) +1 in the gun. It bumps from prone rather easy with a Redstar trigger (standard G2 will bump fairly well too). Just have to be careful not to make it "too" light of a pull. I'd trade you the plum furniture for my wood set. Been looking for a set that has the ribbed gas tube cover. Wood is fine though. Sturdier.
  15. Classic thread protector models I wonder those fit the bartender chokes?
  16. Already covered my review/opinion on them. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=18532 Essentially, it "says" for 2 3/4 ......but its a 3 inch shell and it will crimp on you when you charge the bolt. You have to place less rounds in the mag to "possibly" avoid that. This is because there is literally no support a the end of that case (the plug is inset back at the 2 3/4 height and you have no support for the last 1/4 inch or so. It'll crush on a full mag and then racking it. Bolt mods might avoid it...but odds are that will merely destroy your bolt. ~S
  17. If I recall, the rule used to be (no longer in Posting Rules though) that you shouldnt edit your original post as it could be seen as "fudging" the price higher or lower. ~S
  18. this post was a rule violation and has been DELETED! Dibs...... Mike can just refund your deposit (if any) and I'll add it to my bill when he's ready to ship mine (that makes 3 Mike ) Simple as that. No email required. Of course, if you're selling a "spot" (no deposit), sorry, patience is the better investment EDIT <<<< But then again, you must be a contributor to sell anything on this board. So, dibs on the "spot in line" if the mods and Mike allow. No compensation though. ~S
  19. +1 on that. I placed one on my Tromix folding stock after I got it. (just snap off the butt plate and then screw it on and shape). Its the best for any recoil I can think of.
  20. Looks great! Flared ends are great for keeping eyes on target or if its dark. Being that inexpensive, I've considered making one myself but no welder here. I'd like one as well to fool around with though. ~S
  21. I'll take #6a (just handguards $25) #11 Matech flip-up 600m BUIS $50 ~Steve PM me with total shipping etc and I'll paypal etc etc.
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