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  1. If Buckshot Roberts was around modern day: (and upgraded to the Saiga 12) (As he get's out of the truck..........) Dick: We've got a warrant for you, old man. Buckshot Roberts: I ain't got no business with that war no more, peckerhead son of a bitch. I'm on my own. I've come to pick up the 150 dollars Sheriff Brady has put out for the kid. The rest of you are only worth about 110, but I'll take it. Doc: What a sweet disposition. Buckshot Roberts: All right, let's dance
  2. With "Trucks"... I used to live in Reno (and plenty of trucks around). I saw one guy out at the pyramid range that had tool boxes that went along the side of the bed just along the top but went into the bed area no further than the wheel wells). It was the stainless steel type (pattern like rock guard) and sat low over all (not like a "tool truck" at all...probably 3 or 4 inches above the bed liner for the lid). Just basic utility bins in appearance. The setup was similar like you would for a trunk lid. On one side he had various military firearms with pistols on the lid, and on the
  3. Always been curious (since pics of US made stocks rarely show it)... do those (US MADE) from K-VAR have the cleaning kit trap door??? NATO or WARSAW length (for stamped). Thanks (edit... added: "for stamped")
  4. (Welcome to the site Waffles)
  5. My only suggestion would be to "countersink" the end just a little so when the bolt comes up it "guides" itelf into the threads better. Just a little inward bevel would suffice. ~Steve
  6. Thought the red Loctite was the strongest?
  7. That was so good, I'll even make a temporary signature out of it. Priceless. ~Steve
  8. Glad you got the messages Mike Welcome back. I'm free this next couple weekends to take the trip up there if ya need anything. ~Steve
  9. Not bad... MDArms pontoons to keep you afloat with, and get a WM for the boat anchor (funny part is that it would probably make a decent one). Life is good.
  10. Notice that he never takes his eyes off the target (firing from his strong side and "serious"). It's very important when you're doing the high or low carry, aiming with body movements. +1 on the warsaw length I train with my friend (prior Russian military) and we compare techniques all the time. If you ever get a chance to really learn the AK moves first hand, don't pass it up. It's a real advantage to have the skills to go with the weapon type. Personally, I like hand to hand with the AK. It's rather devastating and no frills.
  11. Hopefully they correct that change. "Mistakes" happen.
  12. With a golf cart troop carrier no less. That's just sick! Looks good. Might have to pick up that handguard setup. ~Steve
  13. Look up M-14 operating rod. Saigas don't have them. Just a bolt, bolt carier, and gas piston.
  14. Probably enough to improve several 3rd world countries hehehe. Great to hear Tony . Thanks for the input. ~Steve
  15. whatmanual

    BHO spring

    Not sure if the actual springs exist for those who lose/break that spring. I was looking around at various parts and saw this: A spring safety for a CZ52 https://www.apexgunparts.com/product_info.p...hll1342hjmilgb6 No I don't need a spring. I was just thinking that it might be useful for someone. Of course, you'd have to bend the angle the other direction to clip over the BHO bar. But it might work for someone wanting to add a BHO. Well, just thought to toss that out there. ~Steve
  16. Guess the money will have to burn the pockets that much longer.
  17. You'll shoot your eye out, kid. Ho, ho, ho.
  18. Well, to be technical, one reason why some look for bayonet lugs: The Hague Convention. (aside from the cool factor, its an important topic to anyone that would say they are a "unit" in a militia...or paramilitary etc). Essentially, to be considered a combat unit and thus wanting to be protected under the other treaties (things like geneva conventions etc), you need to have the gear that is agreed upon. Soldiers wear uniforms etc. Weapons must have certain characteristics as well. Now, I know how all that sounds, but look at it like this. ...you also have to consider the repercuss
  19. I pre-ordered 5 of them on the 5/26 (when it said by mid-April). Just checked site (browsing for other things): "We should have ready to ship the by mid-May". Disconcerting that it changed since I placed the order. Either they're doing it in "batches", or they should add "subject to change" to the item. Oh well. Not a huge deal really. Its not like I've not waited for things before. Fun by summer time is what counts. ~S
  20. Bought a couple of the Tromix black T's. Shot a the range today making all sorts of noise as usual. Sometimes I wear the bump in the night=bump back shirt....sometimes the Zombie one. Its not uncommon to have all sorts of gawking (indoor range) and a few interruptions. "Lead Delivery Systems" is a great trademark/slogan etc. It truly says it all in a simple no excuse statement while shooting. Of course dumping a half dozen AGP mags of buck and then slugs, the blast from the shark brake, and the target flapping like a flag (even at the 25 line) which their 9's only dream of...yeah, it l
  21. Somehow I think at tailgate parties Jeaux would have a tool box right near the gate. Nothing too conspicous of course. Given his passion for the shorties..... make sure you brought the beer instead of the pom pom gag gift idea. ~Steve
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