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  1. Get a picatinny mount for it and also a picatinny low rise mount for the side. It will move the whole thing forward an inch or so. World of difference. With the default side mount you have, you stand a good chance to smack yourself good. Remember, buck and slugs~! I know, I have a kobra with the quick release kit on it. My friend has a kobra (like yours) and wanted me to check it out.....not very safe really. You're mileage may vary of course. But if you get scope eye (more or less), ya been warned. Kobra a kick butt sight though~! Great choice! ~Steve
  2. Remove the screw on the bottom, grip and pull the forearm part downward and it will flex around the barrel to "pop" off. When you get to that point its simple to see how it locks in place. You should see how the rear locks into the receiver, and also why you cant slide it "forward". (should have small channels in the plastic where the mounting screw block would sit in. Down first....then pop it off). ~Steve
  3. Mount that remmington recoil pad on there and you wont have to worry about prone again. It doesnt slip either. Also, wearing any sort of harness gear only adds to the protection of the collarbone ~S
  4. I have an adjustable RSA trigger and that rocks in my RPK-74. I was going to put it in the Tromix but I have this lug looking thing sticking up (I think its where the pivot bar sat before) and it got in the way of the disconnector. G2 fits and is working GREAT though However, this sounds very intriguing and I'm a firm believer that there is never such a thing as "overkill" when it comes to weapon performance. Coming from Jeaux, its certainly nothing to 2nd guess either. Hope he sells this as a drop in... off to MAA I go ~Steve
  5. Tromix Shark Brake hands down. Easy 15-20% reduction. There's probably some videos out there where you'll see the shooter's hair or brim of their flop hat whoosh back with each shot -I feel it too. I have the standard "motivator" tip on the end. There's a significant difference between a "compensator" for muzzle climb. For extra control, screw on a Remmington recoil pad (different than a slip on). You could fire slugs or buck all day with no soreness at all. I went through 300+ slugs in one day from a bench/prone position (different angle on the shoulder).....no pain afterward as i
  6. is this even still for sale? Last response from S12x was the 6th?
  7. I have some extra AGP mags as well... PM sent.
  8. Great review. Like I said in mine -I'd have no issues using it in battlefield conditions. I guess we can add soccer conditions to it now
  9. MrWilson.... please read the sticky at the start of MDARMS section. This is not the topic for such questions. Its meant for reviews of the testing. Please respect that.
  10. Having tested the sample drums with Mike, if people do cancel, its their loss. In fact, I've had 2 reserved since the beginning @165. If people do cancel, let the record show here that I'll double my order to 4 drums (@165 if possible or allowed). Yes, they will be that good. Have patience folks. Have respect for his time -and his decisions if he doesn't approve for the cancelled orders to go to the waiting list at that price. His call. ~Steve
  11. At least he didnt call it "Tromix Spooge". Always finding the good stuff to try out I'll look for it and check out a bottle next week BTW... I use M-PRO7 cleaner....that stuff doesnt reek like hoppes and its the best cleaner I've found. A few squirts over a plugged sink and dip the brush as you need. Tears through carbon. The M-PRO7 oil is "ok" (personally, CLP will be fine)...but the cleaner is a must try!
  12. I've been thinking of getting the base gun for less though....that 280 seems like a good price. But I also just found this tonight. Are these a good price? I'm considering getting a Saiga in 7.62 already converted too (less hassle). Probably will end up a safe queen though since I like my S12 the most. But I like the company quality. http://www.aimsurplus.com/acatalog/Russian...2x39_Rifle.html They also have Bulgarians for same price. Hmmm....and they have dimples with the standard hand guards. Thoughts?
  13. Nice setup on the shotgun... about the same as mine. Krebs, shark, folder with pad...etc etc. Good to see smiles when people shoot something for the 1st time. They really are priceless moments.
  14. Hmmm.... by golly you're right. Ok... No, I don't think the MDArms drum would make a decent doorstop unless you load nothing but slugs to increase the weight. The Wraithmaker simply owns that category. With its longer feed tower it really has the advantage as Cobra said (I still laugh at those pictures too). However, the MDArm's drum would be less likely to marr the finish on a wood floor. That said, the MDArm drum would win in a different category: The Biker "field expedient kickstand". This is a category important to any biker out there -save the bike from dumping at all cost. I
  15. whatmanual

    Saiga Jams

    Can you post your pics vertically? Your text going off the map and I'm reading it like a typewriter!
  16. I'll be heading up the road this weekend too
  17. NICE~! Wonder if they will come pre-finished black? I think I'll get one and try my luck with a spare S12. Looks like a great design Tony! Patent it (*single piece construction). !!
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