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  1. looks like the final nail in the coffin for this site
  2. yes Oregon is a slightly more purple we are mostly politically dictated by the Portland zip code. last election cycle 7 out of 8 Oregon counties that petitioned signatures to vote on making their counties "Second Amendment Sanctuaries" AKA SAPO, Second Amendment Protection Order were SUCCESSFUL the rest of the counties residents couldn't or wouldn't bother. Participation trophies, safe spaces, ANTIFA rich kids and college grads dumb as a bag of democrats are the norm here on the left coast
  3. I have many pistols, but unbelievably the Taurus 24/7 9mm I have is my most accurate weapon I practice popping holes in dinner plates at 75yds with this pistol, and yes there is a recall on this pistol that you can turn it in for a brand new 9mm Taurus, or keep what you have because you like it and the warranty recall will still be honored at any time later. Ive tried to make my gun fire when shaken and I even dropped it to be certain...Im keeping my go to, everyday carry Taurus, I dont want their trade in model when you sell millions of military and police life time guarante
  4. check out this tune and especially the lyrics.....its like it was written for this up coming event...and its kick ass music too. The band is : Oh The Larceny song title: About to get crazy I think that I should warn you There's something bout to change We're standing at the border Where history is made We're cranking up the lights now So everyone can see It's all happening right now We're gonna make you believe It's about to get crazy It's about to go down It's about to get crazy It's gonna be loud This is our house We
  5. my wife died from the same thing ....yes with out a doubt it affects their cognitive ability...its how I diagnosed a new problem area in the brain each time a new tumor would pop up and took her to the oncologist for more brain radiation....I personnaly diagnosed 3 tumors teh oncologist said no she didnt have more new ones, a second opinion proved she did and more radiation was ordered most people wouldnt know but those close recognize their thinking is up ended! and it went on for more than a year everything seems fine but all of a sudden she couldnt balance a check book one day, or
  6. its would be very difficult for a "GunBook" to get off the ground floor and excel as fbook did, gun related business's already have difficulty accepting financial obligations in a business transaction the banks are creating political policy!! the opposition not only owns the search engines that will deny an opposing view AS THEY ARE NOW .........but the social programing of our countries useful idiots has already been accomplished! idiot group think now prevails and WHY we we have an electoral college....this is also why the lefty leaders of the idiot group wants to abolish th
  7. not a chance, they just pretend they didnt get caught and its business as usual, the queen of the cartel, clinton is back on the tour sucking cash donations for her new movement...."Onward Together" I hope she tries another run at it again I would love to see her be a 3 time looser
  8. clearly its the us vs them & we smell like Walmart to the elites ripping us off
  9. thats not going to happen he is still their golden boy, the plan was to ruin capitalism, so they could say seeeee...then vote their socialist bullshit ....they almost succeeded until the Donald ruined the bullshit scam of a legacy, and they gave that clown a Nobel award for being a black president
  10. then the corrupt fbi announces the indictment of 12 Russians JUST BEFORE Trump is scheduled to meet with Putin at the summit now these treasonous fbi bastards announced this indictment 3-4 weeks ago and one of the Russians said rock & roll bitches lets go to court and the fbi said were not ready despite the fact the already indicted ! wtf back on point....they only RE ANNOUNCED this to fuck with trump while in the jaws of the enemy
  11. sounds like its a decision of who is going to just take your money without good faith.......... its how I have felt for a few years this week ...in Oregon republican Sam Carpenter running for governor had a b+ rating on guns then after we voted him in the primaries he said he would support gun confiscation here in Oregon they are all crooks trying to get their hands in the cookie jar....few more organized mass shootings & guns ARE on the way out
  12. boycotts work for the antis, we need to follow suit and hurt them ALL hard, Im even ok with leaking fake negative news against any company that is OPENLY AGAINST the 2nd too bad we didnt have a national organization to help combat these companies et all with national protests CONTINOUSLY
  13. no Im not ignorant, I dont expect the NRA to vote for me...... I expect some "NATIONAL SUPPORT ORGANIZATION" from them to help fight the anti gun onslaught ITS WHAT THEY CLAIMED THEY NEEDED MY DONATIONS FOR & I HAVE A SHIT RAG MAGAZINE IN FRONT OF ME WITH LaPiere selling fear in an article looking for donations for the same good fight! WHAT A SCAM the fuckin liberal demorat school teachers do a better job at NATIONAL GUN ORGANIZATION than the NRA Money generating machine! and they are using OUR education tax dollars to rally against US & thats fuckin brilliant! The NR
  14. ignorant? ya COULD BE YOU........... they sold out Oregon, they HOUNDED us with emails and letters and phone calls looking for donations for the fight against the Oregon gun control yet several weeks before the Oregon bills were past they sent Oregonians a fuckin POST CARD telling us to write our congressman..... this is not your grandads NRA this is a money generating machine, and yes they have some programs because if they didnt they would get any more money! ...JEESH A FUCKIN POST CARD to save ourselves..... AFTER THEY TOOK OUR MONEY !!! THIS IS NOT YOUR GRANDADS NRA.......its ign
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