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  1. Thanks for ideas, I'm leaning towards modifying the 5.45, welding Imo was always the best way to install bullet guide, even before I f'ed it up, my first attempt will be to modify 5.45, I'll let u know how it goes in a couple days when I can get around to it, ps on a weird note, it will hand cycle rounds from an ak mag with no bullet guide in place, it will be a few days before I can test fire with no bullet guide, it seems the previous owner may have messed with magazine release catch...
  2. Ok I screwed up and accidently ordered a 5.45mm bullet guide for my 7.62x39 Saiga, drilled and tapped my rifle and tad da the bolt would not close, I have since ordered the correct bullet guide but the holes don't line up, what I need is a blank 7.62 bullet guide which would allow me to drill my own hole but doubt css has this available. Any sugestions?
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