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  1. Anyone tried to buy from saigaclub.net. They say they have 10 rounders in stock. Don't want to send money and not receive magazines.
  2. 20 gauge saiga shotgun magazines anything other than a five rounder. Would love a metal 10 rounder,a clear 13 rounder, or any kind of drum. Thx
  3. Did the post say they will be selling them next month. I was under the impression they wouldn't be available until spring.
  4. I know there are several people on here looking for 20 gauge saiga magazines. I would like to buy several personally. Please keep us posted.
  5. I would like to trade you for the 20 gauge magazines. What kind, brand of 12 gauge saiga magazine would you consider trading for. I believe I can purchase a trade item cheaper than paying you cash. Let me know what you are willing to accept, both cash and trade wise. Thank you and God bless.
  6. Thank you azesHi that is the First time I have found a site with mags not sold out. Csspecs keep us informed would love to have some of those metal 10 rounders
  7. Anyone know where I can get any of those clear 13 round magazines I know they are not making them but there has to be some out there or anything over a five round mag.
  8. I know fall just started but I saw that there would be magazines for the 20 gauge saiga would Be available any date set
  9. Are these still available. I live near the largest gun store in KY they have saiga 12 drums/ mags in stock. What kind,brand would you consider.
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