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  1. Im trying to find one with vent holes. I may have to buy one of the above though if i cant find it.
  2. Thank you! Long barrel makes it look weird with the stock folded but still wasnt worth cutting down unless i went sbs. Btw if anyone could point me in the correct direction of where to find an ak74 gas tube for my saiga 7.62 conversion that would be great! Every place says out of stock that i checked.
  3. Ok i have done a saiga 12 conversion like a year ago. Now im doing a 7.62x39 conversion and ive done my research but i cant find an ak-74 gas tube for the life of me. Every place is out of stock. Anyone know where i can get one? Thanks
  4. Update! Saigas been done. Now i purchased a saiga 7.62x39 with 16 inch barrel i will be converting. Picked it up for 400! Anyways here are some final picks.
  5. Ran into some problems machiNing a hole for the spring on the chaos hand guard. Wasn't enough meet on it to drill a hole so we had to make this bracket to replace the original bracket it came with. The original one is on the bottom picture.
  6. Just got my gun back from my co worker and he did an excellent job machiNing the receiver. Now I'm going to test fit everything and if it turns out to be all good. I'm going to take it to get the rivets instalked and cerekote. Can't wait to shoot it. He machines the pistol grip nut hole, the the end of the receiver, the front latch hole on the side, and the front latch pin hole.
  7. Nevermind I figured it out. I will just have to machine a hole in the handguard for the spring and cut a small notch for the clip to clear.
  8. Well machine work to receiver is almost done. Just have to do the holes for the rear latch for the stock. I've come to realize how the spring and front latch work now that it's coming together. I didint realize the spring was held in by the handguard. So am I pretty much limited now to the stock handguard? I'm not sure I will be able to use this chaos tri rail with the ak 100 stock due to the front latch.
  9. Yeah I found the measurements on another thread. My co worker has the gun currently and is working on cutting the holes with his cnc machine so it will be precise.
  10. Damn I guess il be calling Russian legion to see if they can send me the pin, clip, and spring. And Matco sent me the wrong rivet set... so I called a local places and they said they can do the trunnion rivets and trigger guard rivets for 60 dollars so il just going to go that route and let them rivet the parts on. Their also going to cerekote it for me.
  11. Looks like it will work. I guess the sping holds the pin in and you have to push the long end towards the mag well so it makes contact with the side of the receiver. I may have to cut the pin down a bit. It looks a bit long.
  12. Well folding stock just showed up. Does this look like the correct front latch? I asked them to send me a front latch for a Saiga 12 instead of the standard ak latch. But the pin and spring look different from the one ak builder sells. Will this still work? It said on their site all parts are compatible minus the front latch. The pin fits the hole in the latch correctly. Opinions?
  13. Well got everything removed. Pretty easy so far. Taking a break and gonna weld all the old holes up tonight. Then off to the cnc machine for cutting all the holes. Still waiting on my ak 100 stock from legion usa. Said it shipped 3 days ago. Shouldn't take that long to go from Florida to Virginia. I can't even track the package because under shipping it just says "legion usa shipping." Anyways here is a picture of where I'm at now.
  14. Thanks for all the help. I ordered 2 sets of ak74 side folder rivets in case I mess up a few. Went with ak builder rivet on guard and ordered a hogue grip it looked really nice. Also ordered the grip nut to install it. Also got a an430 rivet set from the local matco guy for 12 bucks and it's going to be here by Friday. I'm going to make a new conversion thread when all my parts come in and I get started. One of my co workers has two cnc machines so I'm going to have him cut the required holes in the receiver rather then use a Dremel.
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