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  1. Wow! This is all really helpful Info guys (and ladies if applicable). My momma is an 80 something Missouri girl from the bootheel and can still knock the pecker off a fly @ 40 or 50 yards open sight so, no offense ladies. Many thanx to you folks indeed. Matty P. If I can ever help, just ask.
  2. Hey all. Thanx for havin me. I was hoping get some some good recommendations on a general purpose scope for my saiga. Not too expensive yet, not cheap either. I don't mind paying for something but, like everybody else, I'm gonna want and expect the proper ruggedness and performance for the money. Of all my .308's , I enjoy my Saiga the most and want to go a different direction with it for awhile. thanx ahead of time and I appreciate any feedback you folks can offer. Matty P.
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