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  1. charpchooter172

    Factory Izhmash 15 rd .410 magazine available for trade

    Ever seen a 410 factory 15 rounder before?
  2. charpchooter172

    Saiga 410 FACTORY 15-rd magazines

    I have two Izhmash factory 15-round magazines for the Saiga 410. I have never heard of 15-rounders, even after extensive searching. How rare and/or valuable are these things? I'm convinced the 15 round mags are legit. I opened one and left the other sealed in its plastic bag. The one I opened has paperwork and an inspection stamp from the Izhmash factory. It is identical to the factory 10-rounders except, obviously, for length and capacity. This strikes me as odd because I have NEVER found any reference to any Saiga 410 mags apart from 2, 4, and 10-rounders. Anyone else ever heard of these?
  3. charpchooter172

    Factory Izhmash 15 rd .410 magazine available for trade

    Still available. This is the only factory 15 round 410 mag I have ever seen. Anyone else seen them before?
  4. charpchooter172

    Removing/replacing quad rail

    PCF, It's a Tapco and it folds to the right. I have converted it to wood furniture and don't need it anymore. If you're interested, I have several parts for that thing that I would sell. The quad-rail, folding stock, pistol grip, original plastic forearm set......say $175 for all? That was the cost of the quad-rail by itself. All are new or like-new.
  5. charpchooter172

    .410 conversion

    Try Dinzag. I don't know if he cuts barrels but he does great work on these firearms. Also try Tornado Technologies.
  6. charpchooter172

    WTB Factory 410 10rd magazine

    I have a NIB factory 15 rounder that I would be willing to trade, if cash was included with the 10 round mag.
  7. charpchooter172

    Current advice on 3" .410 shells

    Most of us feel your pain and have been there. I have had my .410 for 5 years, and just modded it with wood furniture and every upgrade I wanted. I love it. For ammo, I field tested several types and brands, with every magazine made. For ammo, I have found Winchester Super X 3" to be reliable. I have it in bird, buck, and slug. It runs great in my factory mags and my promag drum. I have not had good experience with the SGM 15 round mags and no longer use them. The shells sit too low in the mag, and therefore the bolt does not reliably collect them and feed them into battery. Regarding PDX-1, I have found it to be reliable in the factory mags and the drum. I shot a pickup truck diamond plate toolbox from 30 yards with PDX-1, and it made a 1-inch hole in the front, traveled through the interior of the box, and exited through the other side. Made a believer out of me. I hope you keep the .410 and get it running well. They are a hoot. Who needs another 12 gauge, anyway?
  8. I have a brand-new, never used factory original Izhmash 15 round .410 magazine. I would be willing to trade it for a new or like-new factory 10 round magazine and $75.00.
  9. charpchooter172

    WTB Factory 410 10rd magazine

    I would like to buy or trade for a factory 10 round Izhmash Saiga magazine. I know these are hard to find. I had one and it was stolen from my car and I really want to replace it as the .410 I have means a lot to me. Let me know if you have one, please.
  10. charpchooter172

    Rear Sight Mount for .410?

    I want to install a classic looking wood forearm on my Saiga .410. I'm having a hard time locating a rear sight mount for it. Does anyone know where to find one?
  11. charpchooter172

    Removing/replacing quad rail

    Hello. I'm new to the Forum. I have a converted Saiga .410, and it currently has a quad rail forearm attached. I intend to remove and sell the quad rail, and replace it with a classic wood forearm. I am mechanically inclined, but want to know what I am getting into before beginning. Does anyone have advice?