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  1. Greetings, I am looking for the best, reliable, and maintenance free LRHO upgrade for my Saiga 12. Not to be specific I heard of a couple that were not reliable and that Saiga made one also. I just love this gun and just need to make it live, and live well.
  2. Hey all that love their Saiga-12 weapon. The last shotgun that I owned was a Belgium Browning pump that was my Grandfathers. So I hope you that believe I train weapon before I train my children. I plan to hand down to my children everything I know about this weapon and the history with me and others if they so agree. The first time at the local sand pit range was very disappointing. I bought hight brass as advised but had some jamming trying to go semi-auto with the stock drum. The ten round mag would shoot once and kick out, I believe do to filing. After the first range time I was not dis
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