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  1. Brown Bear has lead core, bi-metal jacketed bullets.
  2. I would be interested if Magpuls were metal lined and came in 20-rounders... M
  3. Shot this six-shot group @ 100 yds today (1.85") with some new handloads (150 FMJ Hornady and 47.0 gr H380, Win primers, WCC brass) off the bags with iron sights and 65 year-old-eyes. This the best accurate FMJ load I've tried out of this 20-inch rifle to-date.. The RSO was a bit grouchy today, so I left early and went home to cook up some more rounds. I haven't had that much luck with reloads or factory recently and frankly was considering selling, but now I think this Saiga is a keeper. I still have about 3 pounds of this powder and will be looking for more... M
  4. Radioactive ammo? You will have a lot more to worry about... M
  5. "Plating" and "gilding" are the same thing: 7N6 is most certainly "bi-metal" Bimetal refers to an object that is composed of two separate metals joined together. Instead of being a mixture of two or more metals, like alloys, bimetallic objects consist of layers of different metals.
  6. A copper plated steel jacket bullet is bi-metal. M
  7. Recently shot at an 8 inch ball of solid concrete from 120 yds with Golden Tiger. Turned it to gravel with two shots. Not bad. I wouldn't be too alarmed if that is all I had to shoot. M
  8. Ace used to make those. Copy of a FAL.grip... M
  9. Stanag 4172 would require copper jacket, lead core, and steel penetrator. M
  10. They do if they go NATO. (Bulgaria, Romania) M
  11. I don't know of any 545 that is not bimetal except Hrnady Vmax. M
  12. A friend has the HB 20 inch Saiga and was wondering how the 69 grain shoots. Anyone? M
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