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  1. Gun fired fine before the modification (after the usual break in period) and it worked well. It may be the spring, it may be the manual button, so I pulled it out, just to make sure the trigger and such were working alright. I had the same issue with my 109, and I ended up just leaving the damned thing out. I Might just take a trip down to FL in the next few days-- I could stand to see the ocean.
  2. Well, it took some doing, but its done. Sorry, I forgot to take tons of pictures... Got an issue though. Can't keep the gun from locking open after each round. Thoughts? opinions? Folks in GA who know what they are doing?
  3. I'm looking to convert my IZ-433 (magwell, almost vepr) into a proper saiga. I've done it on a IZ-109, but the guts look a bit different. Do any of you guys have any experience with one of these?
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