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    My wife, family, even my inlaws, Saigas in ALL calibers, CZ pistols, my Trans Am, me and my wifes R6, cats, freedom from oppresion, grilling on my porch, shooting sports, the outdoors, Libertarianism, law enforcement, Iraq and how to get the hell out.
  1. Damn you got em all? I got to level 12 and ran out of ammo
  2. KABOOOM!!! This is a fun little game I came across and thought ya'll would enjoy it! Have fun!
  3. That bleak country side is for 4x4in' and shootin'. Damn it feels good to be a Texan!
  4. What's going on in this world, has everyone been drinking from the Stupid Fountain again?
  5. I've got no problem with Mexican immigrants, it's the illegal immigrants regardless of origin that piss me off.
  6. Thanks for the help guys, I've read of Gemtechs stuff and I like the look of their Ruger 22/45. Cobra, who is Bob?
  7. My Warsaw Pact length one from KVAR was top notch! Had the trap door and everything. I couldn't wait to install it on my Saiga and try the Saigas cleaning kit in it. It fit perfectly, just make sure you put the rounder end of the cleaning kit in it first. If you don't it is a pain to get out.
  8. No sorry guys not a flash suppressor. A real suppressor, a can, a silencer, silent death, etc. etc. The wife actually talked about if I wanted to get one or not, and well who am I to turn down an offer like that? I've noticed that an AK with a suppressor is not very common so thought that would add to teh originality of it. I'm aware of the forms and tax stamps, just don't know who I could purchase one from or get to build one for me.
  9. Does anybody know where I could purchase a supressor for my 7.62x39 Saiga. I'm going to swap out the front sight with one from an AK-103, so and adapter or specific threading may be needed. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated.
  10. +1 on ammo. You can never have enough ammo.
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