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  1. Project is almost ready, whats left? Replace FSB Muzzle-brake Maybe some DuraCoat, but not sure...... All the best for '11! Ronald
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a used, but in good condition blue or silver streak in .20 or .22 (Mac1 steroid). If your willing to ship to the Netherlands (Europe), I'll be willing to do business. On this side of the ocean, there is no problem with laws or import (I'm older than 21) Thxs, Ronald
  3. I'm looking for this scope, over here (Netherlands) nowhere to be found. I've checked ebay with 1 result (but he doesn't ship), anyone? Thxs, Ronald
  4. +1 I use the Orlites and a Dinzag Bullet Guide, works great in my .223 Saiga. No jams, just fire away.....
  5. Hey Tony, What do you meen by "14.5+2 inch barrels"? Thanks, Ronald
  6. Hello, I'm thinking about cutting my 20" barrel back to 16" or shorter (APS/DSR use). Anyone experience with shorter then 16" and problems with gas pressure for recycling the gun? Thanks, Ronald
  7. You can get a new one, no problem ($950). Ok, it has the pistolgrip and not the huntingstock, but it's an absurd price if I compare it with US prices.
  8. Don't laugh, I paid $675 for second-hand one back here (holland)! If you ever wanna complain about your governement, here they are really fuckin' nuts.
  9. http://www.izhmash.ru/eng/product/saiga.shtml
  10. Finally got all the parts and transformed the Saiga to a Saiganov: Details: .223 Saiga Choate stock and hand guards Dinzag brake Harris bi-pod Posp 8x42 VD Greetings, Ronald
  11. Yes, irons can still be used, although the scope is pretty low. Also because the scope is a little to the left of the barrel, I can still use it at 300 mtr.
  12. I'm convinced, Dinzag is going to get me one. Much easier and cheaper than ordering here. I had some stuff in back order(bullet guide/break and some mags), he sending it tomorrow.
  13. I've spend $180 on a POSP 8X42VD, that thing KABT. For a few bucks extra, you have a 4-8X42. They are great value for money and bombproof. BTW. I like a Russian scope on a Russian gun.
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